Joan Miro Watercolor art for Kids + Lesson on Joan Miro

Kids love creating with watercolors, so they will love this art lesson . Joan Miro Watercolor art for Kids is a fun lesson that can be done with your kids at home or in the classroom. 

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Joan Miro Watercolor Art - Simple waterfcolor art lesson for kids - doodle fun

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Joan Miro was a very talented artist that should be on any art history list when teaching kids.

He made a great array of artwork and his style changed over his career, which is a good lesson for kids to see that it takes time to develop what is really “YOU” sometimes, and that’s ok.

So, whether you’re teaching just your own children in a homeschool setting, or a group of kids, here are some basic facts on Miro’s life and art and then I will give you directions for a fun lesson that kids of any age will enjoy.

Make a Joan Miro Art with Watercolors

About Joan Miro

Joan Miro was a Spanish painter who is mainly known to be what is considered a “Surrealist” artist. He did not start out that way though.

Miro was born to Michel and Dolores Ferra in 1893 in Barcelona, Spain. He got his talent from his father who was a craftsman in many areas including watchmaking and goldsmithing.

Easy Joan Miro Art Lesson for Kids

Miro was not gifted in his school work, but he started drawing very early in life.

He drew landscapes from the areas he frequented and in 1912, attended the Gali School of Art in Barcelona.

Joan Miro Art for Kids

His works after schooling were closer to the Fauve style that was popular at the time, where bright colors were used in new ways, and this would be something he always did in his works, even as his style changed.

Easy Joan Miro Watercolor Art

He began traveling to Paris in 1919 and made many artist friends that were involved in the Dada movement, which was all about art that was not the “norm” and about seeking out your own style and being non-traditional.

Joan Miro Art Lesson for Kids

He had his first show of his own in 1921, and his style at this time was closer to that of Picasso and the Cubist style. You can tell how talented he really was by the fact that he could adapt to what was trendy with no problem.

Joan Miro Art

In 1923, he began making works that reflected more of his own style and from there it just got better and better.

Simple Joan Miro Art Lesson

His works are a bit abstract, colorful, full of fluid shapes and figures.

Watercolor Doodling for Kids

You find yourself looking for more things hidden in them as you view them, and it makes for a fun time for the viewer.

Joan Miro Art with Watercolors

It was this that put him into the Surrealist movement  (and the way his works are fantasy-like).

Miro Art for Kids

He is held in high regard along with many other Spanish painters. Miro worked well after his popularity had diminished. He died in 1983.

Joan Miro Watercolor art for Kids

You will need:

  • watercolor or mixed media paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • watercolor paints with various size brushes
  • black thin marker or ink pen

Step by Step Instructions

To create a Miro style work, the best way is to try not to overthink what you are drawing.

Doodling on the Paper

I explain this to the kids I teach by suggesting the idea of just taking a pencil and lightly doodling on the paper.

Step 1-1

Have the kids start with a light pencil and make a point to say not to dwell on the drawing part of it too long, going into any real details, or it takes away from the rest.

Step 1-2

Draw lightly and then erase if needed.

Step 1-3

Try to draw larger, sweeping lines but just enjoy what comes of it, and not try to draw any particular subject.

Then, after that, look it over and see what you pull out of it, and if you feel like you need to add some other lines or curves in places, go ahead.  

Adding Watercolors

Then, you can add color by painting it in as you see fit.

Paint in the spaces with watercolors and get the color-saturated all over the entire page if you like.

Watercolors work best for this I believe, because they have that fluid look. You can play with them, making them lighter or darker with more water, or more pigment.

Step 3

Too much white left takes away from the Miro style.

Step 2

I also have them go over those pencil lines with a black paint to finish it off nicely. Ink can be used too. 

Use a very thin brush and paint on the black lines over the pencil lines. Alternatively, once the paint is fairly dry, use a black thin marker or pen to draw them on.

Fun Joan Miro Watercolor Art for Kids

Kids will come up with all sorts of designs. This is really a fun way to make some beautiful art that is easy to do.

Joan Miro Art Lesson


Project contributed by Mary B. H. from My Little Canvas

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