Printable Ice Cream Coloring Pages – 30 Sheets

Print out these fun printable ice cream coloring pages and have your kids color through any of these fun and mouthwatering designs. Perfect for a rainy summer day when real ice cream isn’t always a first choice.

Our collection has everything from classic cones to mouthwatering sundaes, from stick ice creams to whimsical bar treats. You will find easy-to-color ice cream coloring pages for preschool and kindergarten as well as more detailed ones older kids (or you) will enjoy.

Printable Ice Cream Coloring Pages

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Printable Ice Cream Coloring Pages

Are you ready to color? Let’s go. If these aren’t enough, kids can continue their coloring journey with a thematic set of our summer coloring pages during those hot summer days.

Free Printable Ice Cream Coloring Pages

Everyone loves freebies and we are sharing some free printable ice cream coloring pages to start the fun – print the ones you like by clicking the “Get it Here” button under each coloring page.

Cherry Joy

Cherry Ice Cream

So inviting and delicious looking!

Chocolate Chips

Popsicle Ice Cream Coloring Page

We got a yummy treat for the youngest ones! A tasty chocolate caramel stick ice cream is ready to get some colors.

Favorite Flavors

Cherry on Top Ice Cream Cone Coloring Page

Our delightful adventure continues with a sweet cone ice cream topped with a luscious cherry.

Sweet Treats

Icy Desserts

Six sugary delights await your children’s artistic touch and can’t wait to be colored. Have them fill in two magnificent sundaes, a mouthwatering donut, ice cream in a cup, a classic cone ice cream, and a princess cake.

Soft Serve

Crispy Cone

We got an ice cream coloring sheet specially designed for kids with a sweet tooth! Have them color this frosty masterpiece swirled high in a crispy cone.

Ice Cream Stall

Ice Cream Stand Coloring Page

The sweetest creations come to life on our ice cream stall coloring page. Kids can imagine strolling through a sunny park where they find a vibrant ice cream stall ready to serve delicious treats.

Easy Ice Cream Coloring Page


WWith its swirls and curves, the delightful soft-serve ice cream is just waiting to be colored in by tiny hands.

Fruity Goodness

Watermelon Popsicle

Mmm, how yummy this ice cream must be! Have kids color all the details to make the page stand out.

Ice Cream Coloring Page

Summer Ice Cream

Brighten your kids’ day with our next ice cream on a stick coloring sheet.

Delicious Sundae

Ice cream to Color

Hop into a world of incredible sweetness with our “bowl of ice cream” coloring sheet.

Member Ice Cream Coloring Pages

Check out the previews of what else is in the set below, and grab the printable set in our membership library. We’re sure your kids will love to color them all!

Ice Cream Corner

Ice Creams on a Stick

These treats are awaiting your kids’ coloring magic!

Vanilla Cream

Strawberry on Top of Ice Cream

Another perfect coloring page for pre-k and kindergartners!

Sweet Sundae

Sundae and a Cherry on Top

Surprise the little ones with a sundae coloring adventure to transport them to an ice cream parlor filled with yummy toppings.

Ice Cream Coloring Page

Sundae Ice Cream Coloring Page

Have kids color the yummy sundae, crafted with love and topped with all sorts of ingredients, such as sweet sticks and blueberries.

Colorful Delights

Summer Ice Cream Coloring Page

This fantastic ice cream-themed coloring sheet will get so colorful; we know it!

Watermelon Ice Cream

Watermelon Ice Cream on a Stick

We got another summer coloring sheet where a refreshing twist meets artistic fun! Our frozen treat in the shape of a juicy watermelon slice will look fantastic with vibrant shades of pink, red and green.

Sweet Frozen Treats

Frozen Treats to Color

Check out our next refreshing coloring sheet, where sweetness is divided into two delicious halves.

Tasty Treat

Tasty Bar Ice Cream

Ice cream bars are not only delicious but also perfect for coloring!

Classic Cone

Cone Ice Cream Coloring Page

Have kids grab their favorite coloring tools and bring this fantastic treat to life. The creamy texture of the ice cream and the crispness of the cone and sprinkles on top will look great in vivid colors. Will they choose traditional vanilla, a fruity burst of strawberry, or a blend of flavors?

Berrylicious Ice Cream

Blueberry Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

Kids can add their creative flair to the creamy ice cream by incorporating patterns, swirly, or sparkles.

Frozen Joghurt

Ice Cream and Cherries

We love frozen yogurt and bet young artists will love coloring this page. The sheet is decorated with tiny cherries all around the yummy dessert.

Waffle Cup Ice Cream

Waffle Cup Ice Cream and Strawberry

Look – a yummy cup filled with a velvety ice cream scoop – waiting for your kid’s colorful touch. And to add a bit of freshness and fruity delight, there is a sweet strawberry cut in half on top of it.

Summer Chill

Summer Ice Cream

Here is another easy-to-color ice cream on a stick page. Its simple shape and lines make it an ideal canvas for young creators to shine through.

Waffle Cone

Waffle Cone Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

We love sprinkles on our ice cream; we bet your kids do too!


Ice Cream Printable to Color

We have lovely ice cream to color! Have your young ones unleash their artistic talents and paint each part with a rainbow of colors.

Sweet Reward

Printable Ice Cream Coloring Page

What an exquisite reward it is! Three delicious ice creams, with an “Ice cream” ribbon wrapped around them, beckoning for vibrant colors.

Two Scoops & a Cherry on Top

Classic Cone Ice Cream

We expertly crafted a two-scoop ice cream with a cherry on top for your young artists. They can pick up their favorite coloring supplies and color in the creamy textures. We bet it will look yummy!

Ice Cream Truck Adventure

Ice Cream Truck Coloring Page

Have children use their best markers and color an ice cream truck with an enormous sign on top of it showcasing ice cream with three delightful scoops. We bet kids already imagine the sweet aroma of ice cream filling the air.

Mint Flavor

Mint Ice Cream

This coloring page will unleash young artistic talents as they fill in all the gaps of the ice cream waffle cup, the mint leaf, and the main ingredient – the ice cream scoop!

Sundae Bowl

Sundae Bowl Coloring Page

Kids can color and decorate this sweet cream delight with vibrant hues, bringing the frozen treat to life. The page is perfect for beginners as it includes many vast areas to color in.

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