Handprint Flower Craft – Simple Art or Craft Project

Raise your hand if you like handprint art! You can get artsy or leave it craftsy with this handprint flower craft.

Combine your efforts with your todder or preschooler or have a kindergartener make this on their own. Such a cute keepsake for V-day, mother’s day or any day really.

Handprint Flower Craft. Simple and fun Spring craft idea for kids to make. #handprintcrafts #flowercrafts #Springcrafts

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This handprint flower art or craft project is really adorable and super flexible – you can make it work for any ages and for any occasion.

Handprint Flower Craft for Kids

Want to make a keepsake with your baby or toddler for grandparents? Grab some non-toxic fingerpaints and let the stamping fun begin (little feet make wonderful flowers too). Getting messy is really fun too!

Want a personal project from your preschooler? Trace their hand on white cardstock and let them color it in (or draw fun shapes) with crayons.

Ready to test those scissor skills? Let the kids trace their hands and cut them out all by themselves.

How to Make This Handprint Flower Craft

What you need:

  • paper straws
  • paper (red, white…)
  • green paper for leaves
  • washi tape and glue
  • scissors

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

One of the ways to make these adorable handprint flowers is to trace your hand on red construction paper (or any other flowery color).

Alternatively you can trace your hand on white paper and color it.

Dipping your hand in non-toxic paint and pressing on white paper is another way to make handprint roses.

Cut out the hand outline. If working with younger kids, this is a task for adults. Kids with good scissor skills can cut by themselves.

Place the paper straw on the handprint (centered).

Secure with washy tape. You can also apply glue on the straw and stick it onto the handprint flower.

Cut a leaf shape out of green construction paper.

Apply glue on one end of the leaf.

Stick it on the paper straw (roll it around a little for the glue to really set).

All done! You have a wonderful handprint flower art ready.

Simple Handprint Flower Craft

Handprint Flower Craft for Kids to Make

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