Halloween Corner Bookmarks With Template

What better way to encourage reading than to give your kids a set of wonderfully cool Halloween corner bookmarks – these are really easy to make so even younger kids can make their own. Want to make them even more personal for them – print the black and white version and have the kids color in their own bookmarks however they see fit.

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Why have just one cool bookmark if you can have four? The designs included are;


Black cat.

Wicked witch.

A vampire.

How to Make Halloween Corner Bookmarks With this Template

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the templates – regular print paper works out really well for these but they can also be printed on cardstock.

If you will have your kids color in their own Halloween bookmarks, let them color the designs first before they cut them out.

Don’t forget to cut along the full line on the head of each corner bookmark.

Some of the designs also come with some additional (and optional) decorations – a pair of ears for the vampire, a hat for the witch and a pair of ears for the cat and a hat for the cat.

Fold along the dashed lines. You can make the folds along the lines first, before you start folding them.

Now start folding along the dashed lines, one fold at a time…

…until you get all the way around.

Apply glue on the designated area.

And press the last “fold” on the glue. Allow the glue to set.

Stick on ears (or other accessories) and your bookmark is all done.

Now the bookmark just needs to find a book to take a bite at.

Sweet aren’t they?

Get Halloween Corner Bookmarks With Template Here

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