Frog Corner Bookmarks With Template

Encourage reading with these silly looking Frog Corner Bookmarks With Template. Print out the pre colored version or the color in version that kids can color in all by themselves.

Once inside the book, the frog will show it’s silly tongue on the page it marks. This is a great spring craft to do in the classroom as it’s a quick no prep project.

Frog Corner Bookmarks With Template Craft for Kids

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This little frog bookmark is ready to jump on the page and mark it so you know just where to continue reading. Opposed to our origami corner bookmarks, this one is ten times easier to make. No origami folding skills required. 

Frog Corner Bookmarks With Template

How to Make the Frog Corner Bookmarks With Template

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the corner bookmark templates. These work well on regular print paper as well as heavier print paper. 

If you print the black and white template for your kids, the first thing for them to do is to color in the frog corner bookmark.

Once that is done, or if you opted for the black and white version – the next thing to do is cut out the frog. Cut along the outer template line.

You will see a couple of diagonal lines on the template, some dashed and one full line. Cut along the full line on the template.

Fold along all dashed lines on the template.

Make sure all the folds are nice and crisp as this will make it easy to complete this craft.

You can also make the folds as you go – no need to make them before “folding”.

Now that your folds are ready, turn the template around – with the template facing the working surface fold over the head – along the first dashed line. You will see the word glue.

Turn it around again and fold. The frog’s head should be looking at you.

This is what you should be seeing right now.

Flip the template again, apply glue on the area marked with the word glue…

And fold the last triangle over it, pressing it down for the glue to set.

All done, your Frog Corner Bookmarks are ready to jump into a book.

Just place them on a corner of the page you are reading.

I hope you enjoyed making these frog corner bookmarks with template.

Frog Corner Bookmark

Get the Frog Corner Bookmarks With Template

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