Flowers Pencil Shaving Art

This Flowers Pencil Shaving Art is recycling project at it’s best!

Your kids love to get creative with their coloring pencils and all those pencil showings sure look pretty… Why not use them as a crafting material?

Pencil Shaving Flowers Art for Kids - Recycled Craft for Kids

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Today we will use pencil waste to make a flower craft. Pencil waste, WHAAT ?!

We bet you always dispose the waste after pencil sharpening and never use it for creating awesome crafts, huh? Well, never throw it away again as it can be used for creative projects. This one is a sweet spring craft idea for kids to make.

Flowers Pencil Shaving Art for Kids  All colors will look great!

Flowers Pencil Shaving Art for Kids

Combine your project with other recycled materials – like sequins from old clothes (or other materials).

Flowers Pencil Shaving Art for Kids

How to Make Flowers Pencil Shaving Art

What you need:

  • different color pencils (we recommend you to use elastic pencils for this project because their shavings do not crack easily)
  • sharpener
  • color pencils (green, yellow and blue)
  • glue
  • black liner
  • small pieces of cardstock
  • beads – optional

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

Take your sharpener and start making circle pencil shavings.

You can make a few circles for one flower. Go nice and slow.

Step 1
Make a few flowers using different colored pencils.

Step 2
Apply some glue on the bottom of the cardstock.

Step 3
Attach the beads and wait until the glue is set. You can use a variety of other materials or just draw the grass.

Step 4
Put some glue on two flowers and place them on the paper.

Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 5
Using the black liner, marker or a pencil, draw a stem and leaves.

Step 6
Color the stem and the leaves with a green color pencil.

Step 7
Draw and color some tiny buzzers around the flowers. They will add to the spring atmosphere for sure.

Step 8
All done!

Hope you liked today’s project.

Flowers Pencil Shaving Art for Kids to Make

Stay tuned here on Easy Peasy and Fun.

Flowers Pencil Shaving Art for Kids

We are bringing more interesting pencil waste crafts to the table soon.

Flowers Pencil Shaving Art Idea

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