Father’s Day Tie Color by Pattern Activity

This no-prep activity is perfect for the classroom – print out our Father’s Day Tie Craft color-by-pattern activity. These make a great gift for dads all around as well as offer a great pattern recognition exercise for the little ones.

With multiple sheets included, this is great for larger groups as well.

Father's Day Tie Color by Pattern Activity

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Father’s Day is becoming more and more popular each year and we are excited about this fact. There are many great dads out there that deserve to be celebrated. If you need a cool project to make with your kids, do browse through our collection of best Fahter’s Day crafts for kids and while at it also print these Father’s Day coloring pages for all the little coloring enthusiasts.

Father’s Day Tie Color by Pattern Activity

These types of activities are great for the little brain; coloring by pattern enhances cognitive skills such as pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and visual perception. It encourages children to identify and replicate patterns, improving their problem-solving abilities.

As some of these ties have more complex patterns this also helps refine children’s fine motor skills as they use precise movements to fill in specific areas. It promotes hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and pencil control. It can also help children develop focus and improve their ability to stay on task.

How to set it up?

Print out the sheets. There are eleven different tie designs plus a color code page with a coloring guide. If you are doing these as a classroom project, we recommend you print one color guide per table (a round table is great for this activity) and have each child either be assigned a specific sheet or have them pick out the one they like.

Father's day tie color by pattern sheets

Give the kids the color codes and have them color in their ties according to the color guide.

Father's day tie color by pattern printable

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