Printable Father’s Day Coloring Pages

It is time to celebrate Father’s Day – grab these printable Father’s Day coloring pages and let your kids color through some of these wonderful designs. They make a great gift for dads!

With over 30 different coloring sheets that celebrate dads, we are sure you will find just the right one.

Printable Fathers Day Coloring Pages

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Printable Father’s Day Coloring Pages

A coloring page for Father’s Day can be transformed into a wonderful gift or it can be used as a fun stress-free activity to keep the little hands busy (and give the dad some free time).

If your kids are really into coloring, do check out our other sets as we have 1000+ coloring sheets just waiting to be colored. – print out your favorites and create colorful masterpieces together.

And if you need a fun kid-made gift, do browse through our Father’s Day crafts ideas.

Free Printable Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Celebrate Father’s Day with a special treat from us with the first 10 Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages! Your kids can personalize each page for their beloved dads and frame the masterpiece afterward to create a neat gift.

To access the 30 Father’s Day coloring sheets, we invite you to become our member and print out numerous fun and educational content from our library.

Preschool Father’s Day coloring pages

Trophy for Best Dad preschool fathers day coloring pages

Have your kids award their dad a dazzling trophy surrounded by twinkling stars and the caption “Best dad ever.” While great for all ages, this one is especially great for preschoolers and kindergartners as it has big spaces to color.

Roar-some Dad Coloring Page

Awesome Dad Coloring Page

Make Father’s Day memorable by having kids color our “Dad, you’re ROAR-some” coloring sheet.

Dino-mite Dad

Dino Father's Day Coloring Page

The pun-tastic caption “Dad, you are dino-mite” will bring smiles and laughter to dad’s face.

Royal Father’s Day

My Dad is King Coloring Sheet

Hail to the king of dads with our majestic page that features the caption, “Dad, you are the king.”

Party Hats

Father's Day Party Hats

Celebrate the special day in style with our festive Father’s Day coloring sheet for kids.

Happy Father’s Comic Book Style

Happy Father's Day Coloring

We got an explosive coloring page designed for the little ones to color on Father’s Day. It will look great if they use strong colors for the background!

Happy Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Happy Father's Day Coloring Pages

Kids can create a beautiful tribute to their beloved dad with our mustache coloring page.

I Love Dad Coloring Page

I Love Dad Coloring Sheet

Are you looking for an easy-to-color Father’s Day coloring page? We got you covered! Have the little ones color the caption “I love Dad” with a heart symbol replacing the word “love.”

My Hero

Hero Dad

It’s time to celebrate the real-life superhero in your family – have children color the excellent “My dad is my hero” sheet with their favorite coloring supplies, and surprise their dads.

Officially Best Dad

Officially the Best Dad Coloring Page

Make a splash for kids this Father’s Day with our fin-tastic coloring page. The caption and a charming goldfish illustration will show dads how amazing they are after they’re colored.

Member Father’s Day Coloring Pages

The next 20+ pages are available to our members. Look at the previews of what else is in the complete set, print the pages, and have kids color them all.

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Best Dad Ever Caption

Handwritten Best Dad Caption

Let your kids express their admiration through the power of colors by making this “Best dad ever” coloring page pop out.

To the Moon & Back

Love You to the Moon and Back

This excellent coloring page will take Dad’s love to new heights. The illustration features a captivating scene of a rocket journeying to the moon, accompanied by a neat caption, “Dad, I love you to the moon & back.”

Best Dad Mustache

Best Dad in the World Coloring Sheet

The little ones can show how much they appreciate their dad with our “Best Dad in the World” coloring sheet. The caption will look fabulous if each letter is colored differently.

Awesome Dad

Pawesome Puppy Coloring Page for Father's Day

We must admit, it’s a clever play on words indeed! If you read it swiftly, you’ll notice the disappearance of the letter “P,” transforming “Pawsome” into “awesome.”

Best Dad & Balloons

Best Dad Party

Dad, you’re the best – a perfect caption that proudly declares kids’ love for their amazing dads! The design will look beautiful in multiple colors – the decision is all for young artists.

Totally Awesome Dad

Father's Day Awesome Coloring Page

We love puns, and we think dads worldwide do too! Keep the little hands active by having them color the beautiful swimming turtle. They can use any colors they wish.


Dad Coloring Page for Kids

Need another easy-to-color page? Give your kids the coloring supplies and have them enjoy coloring the enormous caption that exclaims “Happy Father’s Day” and an illustration of a dad with a big, friendly mustache.

Warm Embrace

Dad and Daughter Coloring Sheet

Another heartwarming coloring page designed for kids! Have them color the touching scene of a dad and his daughter sharing a warm embrace, accompanied by the caption “Happy Father’s Day.”

Happy Father’s Day & Mustache

Dad's Day Coloring Page

Prepare for a fun-filled coloring adventure that will make Father’s Day unforgettable! Have kids color the Happy Father’s Day caption and the huge mustache in the center. They can use a variety of colors to make the caption pop out.

Dad’s Tie Simple Father’s Day Coloring Page

Dad's Tie Coloring Sheet

What a stylish coloring sheet! Kids can color the enormous caption that joyfully declares “Happy Father’s Day” and add colors to the tie on the left side. Whatever color combinations they’ll choose, we bet it will look fantastic.

Hoppy Father’s Day Coloring Page

Frog Wishing Happy Fathers Day

We love the humorous play on words; this little guy is a great example. Have kids wish their dads a happy Father’s Day with our froggy friend.

Superhero Dad

Superhero Dad Coloring Sheet

Here is another fabulous coloring sheet. The caption “I have a hero, I call him dad!” will make any father smile. The heroic illustration with a caped dad is ready to save the day again.

Champion Dad

Golden Medal

Our delightful illustration features a prestigious number one medal with “#1 Dad” proudly displayed in the center.

Dad’s Trophy

Trophy for Dad

Kids will make their dads feel like a true champion by gifting them a colored Happy Father’s Day sheet. The trophy will look fantastic if they use vivid colors to make it pop out.

Being a Great Dad

Being a Great Dad

What a clever play on words! Thanks for being a great dad with a bee, as the main character won’t let any dad down. Have kids color the hard-working animal with their best coloring tools.

Best Hug

Father and Child Hugging

Have kids color another amazing “World’s best dad” coloring sheet using their favorite coloring supplies. They will make their dad feel truly special on Father’s Day, celebrating the bond the two of them share.

World’s Best Dad

World's Best Dad Coloring Page

We got a whimsical illustration of a cartoonish world with eyes, hands, and feet that radiate love and appreciation for dads. The surrounding stars in the distance add a touch of magic to the scene that will look awesome after it is colored. This coloring sheet can be a neat gift for any dad after it’s colored.

Showing Affection

Best Dad Coloring Page

Embark on an epic coloring adventure as your kids bring their super dad to life! Our delightful design captures a heartwarming bond between a dad and his child, showcasing their affection and love.

Perfect Dad

Perfect Dad

Our next Dad’s Day coloring page includes a wordplay – substituting the word “perfect” with “purrfect”. We’re sure it will make any Father’s Day prettier.

Father’s Day Lion

Lion Coloring Page for Father's Day

What a heartfelt “I’m not lion when I say you’re the best dad!” coloring page! Kids will love to color the heartwarming pun message and the cute lion illustration with their favorite crayons or markers.

Love You Very Much

Bear for Father's Day Coloring Page

Have the little ones create a special keepsake for Father’s Day. Encourage them to use their vibrant colors and make the bear wordplay coloring page colorful. Substituting the word “beary” for “very” is a pun that adds a playful element to the expression “I love you.”

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