Fall Window Clings

Window clings are a great way to add some color and seasonal decoration to your windows.

They are also great for kids who love to touch and move and reposition decorations, it gives them some control over at least some of the holiday decor!

Fall Window Clings

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These Fall Window Clings are designed by the kids and can be theirs to enjoy and reuse or gift to someone else.

Fall Window Clings Craft for Kids

With just 2 ingredients they are easy to make and you are likely to have everything on hand to make them today!

Fall Window Clings

What you need:

  • school glue
  • craft paint
  • small paint brushes
  • gallon zippered bag
  • paper
  • black marker


Step by Step Instructions

For every color you want to make you will want to use about 2T of school glue and 1-2 tsp craft paint.

We used red, yellow, orange, and brown for traditional fall colors.

Stir paint and glue together until they are well mixed.

Step 2

You can either let the children freely paint something or give them a guideline by drawing fall shapes on a piece of paper with a marker and slipping it inside the plastic bag.

Create leaves of different shapes and sizes, turkeys, fall trees, acorns, pumpkins, corn stalks, and more.

Step 1

Demonstrate for your child how to paint thickly within the drawings. You want a good thick layer on the plastic bag so that they will hold up to being moved.

For toddlers, you can just let them paint all over the gallon bag. Make sure it is thick enough that you can’t see through the color. Let it dry as one big sheet and then cut out your shapes from the big sheet with scissors or metal cookie cutters.

Step 3

We painted, drizzled some color, swirled it, and dabbed it to fill in our designs.

Step 4

Let your creations dry completely, ours took a full 24 hours in some of the thicker spots.

Peel them off the plastic bag and apply to the window!

Fall Window Clings for Kids

You can restore and use these in the future but because it is glue and paint they are easily distorted, crack, and can stick together – you can layer between wax paper pieces to store temporarily.

Fall Window Clings Craft Idea

We use them for a season, toss them out and make more for each season.


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