DIY Chick Planters

If you are looking for the most adorable Easter project idea to make this season, search no more as these DIY Chick planters are the cutest (and insanely easy) thing to make.

Succulents have an insane cuteness factor on their own, combined with a cute little plant pot, this arty project is sure to impress.

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Easter is perfect time of the year for this project, not only because, well chicks but also as you can utilise the egg dyes to color the feathers – this will make the project even more fun.

We like to get our feathers “in the wild” (or well farm ;), nature always has the best crafting materials – once collected they can be washed (be gentle with them though, and use a bit of fabric softener). Once they are all dried up, there are many different ways you can dye them (using Kool aid even) and be amazed with just how wonderful they turn out.

DIY Easter Chick Planter Craft

These couldn’t get cuter could they? Oh but wait….

How about these DIY unicorn planters? Prepare yourself for pure awesomeness.

DIY Easter Chick Planter Craft for Kids

How to Make DIY Chick Planters

What you need:

  • Mini Terracotta Pots/Planters (it is important for these to actually be terracotta planters, as paint won’t behave the same on other material)
  • your favorite succulent plants along with soil
  • acrylic paint (or other craft paints) – orange, yellow or other colors, let the sky be the limit
  • hot glue (strong craft glue works well too, but glue gun is best)
  • scissors
  • black permanent marker
  • paint brush
  • feathers (preferably from nature or cruelty free) – alternatively you can also cut the wings from craft foam or similar – pre-dyed or dyed by you
  • orange cardstock

Step by Step Tutorial

Wipe your terracota pots with a dry cloth, just to get rid of any dust (especially if these were stored for a while). Apply first coat of yellow paint and let dry a little.

Depending on the brand (pigment, density…) of your paint you will need to apply a few more layers of paint (2-3 on average).

Let the paint dry completely before you move on. We think that orange, yellow and blue look super cute for DIY Chick Planters.

Glue the dyed feathers on the pot – two to the side (on the outside) and one on top (glue it on the inside).

Repeat with other pots.

Sketch the eyes with a pencil and once you are happy with how they are looking, draw over the pencil with a permanent marker.

Cut the beak out of paper or out of craft foam and glue it under (between) the eyes.

Fill the planters with soil and plant in your succulent.

DIY Easter Chick Planter Craft Idea

DIY Easter Chick Planter Craft Idea for Kids

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