Dinosaur Printables for Preschool

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs! I mean they are awesome, well beyond awesome even! These dinosaur printables for preschool and kindergarten are super fun and I bet kids are going to go crazy about them! Combine these with dinosaur coloring pages and things get even more fun.

Dinosaur Printables for Preschool

Dinosaur Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten

There are 10 pages in this free printable activity pack and it focuses on skills that every preschooler and kid in kindergarten should know – numbers, alphabet, counting, colors and well being a bit creative.

  • there’s one coloring paga.
  • one beginning letter activity – but this one is only for those who know their dinosaurs as the’ll have to identify pterodactyl, stegosaurus and triceratops – now while these three are amongst kids favorites not all kids know them by name.
  • one page where kids have to count different kinds of dinosaurs and write down how many there are.
  • tracing letters pages – keeping it simple.
  • a maze to solve (with alphabet to being there to help).
  • color sorting – matching eggs with dinosaurs.
  • tracing or scissor practice sheet.
  • counting activity – kids have to match two dinosaur one with a number on it and one with a matching number of dots on it.
  • creative drawing – we have a hungry dinosaur and kids have to draw something for dino to eat.
  • last but not least we have a do a dot page for do a dot lovers.

Get the free Dinosaur Printables for Preschool

Free Dinosaur Printables for Preschool

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