CVC Word Wheel

There are many ways you can teach CVC words and for your kids to learn them, this CVC word wheel certainly being one of the more engaging ones.

This activity is great for learning about word families, practising reading and even writing.

CVC Word Wheel Activity for Kids

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So how does it work? Each short sound comes on its separate sheet, so your kids can practice one word family at a time.

You can provide your kids with a pen and pencil and have them write down the words as they find them.

CVC Word Activity

CVC Word Wheel

Let your kids spin the wheel and try to find as many words as they can for each word family. For example, they can go on a hunt for the -an word family. As they turn the wheels they will uncover many words like – pan, man, fan, can, ran… 

Encourage them to read the words aloud – you can have them try for CVC words only or have them read nonsense words aloud too – they are great for reading practice after all.

CVC Word Wheel Activity

They can also choose a beginning sound – R – for example and see which CVC words with short A sound they can make – rat, ran, rag, rap, ram.

How to Make a CVC Word Wheel

What you need:

  • our template (optional)
  • laminator
  • laminating pouch
  • split pin
  • scissors

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the templates.

Cut them out.

Place the sheet with images and circle inside a laminator pouch.

Warm up the laminator.

Place the two circles you cut inside another laminator pouch.


Enjoy watching the sheet come out of the laminator (we all know you do ;).

Trim the plastic.

Punch a hole through all 3 parts (punch through the dark dot located on each part)

This can be done with the split pin although there are many tools that work better.

But a split pin sure is handy when it comes to this project, as you will be needing it anyway.

Now push the split pin through the holes, starting with the hole of the smallest circe.

Next go through the largest one.

Nice and careful.

Finish by pushing the split pin through the last sheet.

Secure it.

All done.

Get the CVC Word Wheel

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