Craft Sticks Bald Eagle – 4th of July Craft idea for kids

Bald eagles are simbols of USA so they make a perfect 4th of July craft for kids to make – take a few popsicle sticks and have the kids create this adorable Craft Sticks Bald Eagle.

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Craft Sticks Bald Eagle – 4th of July Craft Idea for Kids



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This has to be one of the cutest crafting ideas for independence day ever – craft stick are super versatile, if you add a bit of paper there are even more fun things you can do with them – like this bald eagle.

This makes a great project for the classroom, as you will end up with a whole flock of birds for classroom decoration.

Finished Bald Eagle Craft Sticks


How to Make a Craft Sticks Bald Eagle

You will need:

  • craft sticks
  • miniature craft sticks
  • brown and yellow cardstock
  • white craft paint
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • googly eyes or round hole punch
  • hot glue/hot glue gun

Supplies for Bald Eagle Craft Sticks Project

Step by Step Instructions

Lay out two miniature craft sticks horizontally and glue about 5 regular sized craft sticks vertically onto the others.

Step 1-1

Paint your craft stick base white and let dry.

Step 2

Measure a piece of brown paper about 3 inches tall and as wide as the 5 craft sticks and glue to the bottom of the craft sticks base.

Step 3

Cut out 2 brown wings from your brown paper and glue to the back sides of the craft stick base.

Cut out a small yellow triangle, fold in half, bend the peak slightly…

Step 4

…and glue to the center of the white top, then glue two googly eyes above the beak.

Cut out two claw-like yellow feet and glue to the back bottom on your eagle.

Step 5

Your craft stick bald eagle is all done.

Craft Sticks Bald Eagles

Enjoy crafting!

DIY Craft Sticks Bald Eagle

Project contributed by Erica.

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