Butterfly Lady Coloring Page

Bring out your coloring pens as we have another wonderful coloring page to share with you. This time around you will be coloring a beautiful butterfly lady coloring page.

Ready to color? We are!

Butterfly Lady Coloring Page

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New month, new coloring challenge! If you follow updates from our website frequently you now know a group of us artsy people have joined together to give you a new and free themed coloring page for grown ups each month on the 15th (or so ;).

This months theme is butterflies! Now I already have one butterfly coloring page on my website (from way back in the day ha) so I decided to take this months challenge beyond just these bugs… Enter the butterfly lady!

This one is moderately detailed which means you can add a lot of your own designs to it. You can make the wings of the butterflies more intricate and even add some face painting to the lady. Let your imagination be your guide!

Butterflies Coloring Page

Butterfly Lady Coloring Page


Butterflies in Hair Coloring Page

Butterfly Lady Free Coloring Page

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