Printable Bee Coloring Pages – 30 Cute Sheets

Celebrate the most important bug on the planet – the bee! Print out any or all of these printable bee coloring pages.

The set includes designs for kids of all ages – from simple and easy illustrations with thick lines and easy-to-color spaces for younger artists to more detailed illustrations for older ones (and adults).

Printable Bee Coloring Pages

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Printable Bee Coloring Pages

Our Printable Bee Coloring pages include different designs for bee lovers to color in.

If that’s not enough to keep the little hands active, we have hundreds of other coloring pages to choose from!

While at the subject of bees, we have an easy-to-follow tutorial showing you How to Draw a Bee in only six steps! Perfect to encourage your kids to add in their own bee drawings to some of the coloring pages.

Free Printable Bee Coloring Pages

If you are in need of free printable bee coloring pages, you’ll be happy to learn that 10 out of 30 are completely free. Just download them and print them.

The whole set is a member exclusive, if you aren’t a member yet, just scroll down to learn more.

Happy Bee

Bee Watching Flowers

Our first page includes a detailed scene of a bee in its natural habitat – in nature and among flowers. Have kids color the cutie with their crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Bee and a Pot of Honey

Honey Bee Coloring Page

Do your children love honey? We sure do, and we think they’ll love to color this sheet. The hardworking bee is taking a well-deserved break after collecting a pot of sweet, golden honey.

Busy Bees and Flowers

Bees Sleeping on Sunflowers Coloring Sheet

Bees are one of the most important pollinators in the world; plus, they gather nectar to create delicious honey!

Simple Bee Coloring page for Toddlers

Simple bee coloring page for toddlers

Have the young ones grab their yellows, black, or any other colors they want to color the two flying bees! They’ll look even more relaxed if they add some light blue background to the coloring page.

Easy Bee Coloring Page

Easy Bee Coloring Page

Do you need a particular coloring page for your youngest kids? This cute and friendly bee with big adorable eyes will do the trick. It takes up the entire page to make it easier to color and will surely bring a smile to any child’s face.

Sweet Nectar

Bee Gathering Nectar Coloring Sheet

Did you know bees significantly impact our planet’s natural resources? This cartoon-ish little friend is holding an empty bucket and is looking for some nectar.

Honey Bee Coloring Page

Flying Honey Bee Coloring Page

To color the next page, kids can use bright and bold colors or choose subtle shades to bring this bee to life.

Buzzing With Joy

Happy Bee Coloring Page

The next bee coloring sheet takes up the whole page and will be perfect for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten. Its big antennae, head, body, wings, and legs provide broad areas to make it easier to color.

Sleepy Bee

Bee Sleeping

We found an adorable nectar gatherer resting right inside the bloom of a big daisy flower.

Happy Day

Smiling Honey Bee Coloring Sheet

As your kids color in this bee, they can think of all the places our buzzing friend might have traveled.

Member Bee Coloring Pages

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Baby Bee

Cute Baby Bee Coloring Sheet

Look at this cute toddler bee! We think it looks adorable with one tooth in its mouth. Have kids color the whole animal however they want!

Busy Bees Collecting Nectar

Bees Collecting Nectar Coloring Sheet

By handing them this bee coloring page, teach your kids about bees’ vital role in our environment. You can talk about their habits, how they gather the nectar and other daily things bees do.

The Buzz of Spring

Smiling Simple Bee Coloring Page

Another smiling bee just flew in! Get those coloring tools out of the drawers and have the kids color in the broad areas this coloring sheet offers. Let their imagination take flight!

Buzzing with Excitement

Bee and Flowers

Need another cool honey gatherer for coloring? This guy is surrounded by an oval shape with beautiful flowers at the bottom. Kids can color each flower in shades and make the bee as vivid as they wish.

Happy Little Friend

Happy Little Bee to Color

What a friendly bee with a big smile, large eyes, and spread wings! She’s ready to fly off and gather some fresh nectar from flowers! Are your kids prepared to color in this beauty? They can use any coloring tools and colors they see fit.

Honeybee Dreams

Honeybee Coloring Page

As responsible individuals, we must conserve nature and safeguard various creatures, including the most vulnerable and important ones – bees! Have kids talk about bees while they create a buzz with this adorable coloring page!

Busy Bee in the Garden

Busy Worker Bee

Celebrate the spring in a company of a working honey bee through this fun and engaging activity by having kids color the whole page. They can use whatever colors they want and color the frame’s background.

Colorful Bee Adventure

Bee Village Coloring Page

Our fellow bees are buzzing around their garden full of colorful flowers. These two hard workers are returning to their hive to share some sweet honey with their friends! Let kids color every detail and use vivid colors to make the bees stand out!

Springtime Buzz

Spring Bee Coloring Page

Encourage children to use their favorite colors and get creative as they color this adorable bee with a big, friendly smile! It is sure to capture the hearts of young artists.

Flower Power Bees

Flowers and Bees

Let your little ones dive into the fascinating world of bees coloring this springy scene! Two happy little bees are buzzing over flowers effortlessly. The page offers plenty of details for children to color in.

Buzzing By

Buzzing Bee

Bring this engaging image of a smiling cutie in mid-flight to life by encouraging kids to use different color combinations and techniques. They can color the cheeks pink to give the bee a blush.

Honeybee Dreams

Dreaming Bee Coloring Page

Oh, what an adorable sight! A bee is sleeping on a flower bloom of a daisy! She must be dreaming of pots of honey and the adventures yet to come. Kids can color the whole page with their favorite colors!

Being Happy

Bee Coloring Sheet

Have your preschoolers grab their coloring tools and start creating a masterpiece! Our big bee design offers vast areas for coloring, making it easy for them to fill in the spaces with crayons, markers, or any other supplies.

Flower Visitor

Inside a Flower

Teach your kids about these amazing insects as they color our next bee! The tiny creature is perched right in the center of the flower bloom – and the sweet nectar fragrance likely drew it there! Have them color the whole sheet!

Happy Bee

Happy Smiling Bee

This wonderful buzzing creature will surely be a hit with kids who love the coloring! Our bee has a big smile, a striped body, and large wings to color in. Kids can make the bee bright and colorful or use more pastel tones to make it look realistic.

Honey Maker

Bee Making Honey

Our next companion is a busy little bee climbing on a giant hive. This is a perfect bee-themed coloring sheet for all bee lovers! Are your kids aware honey has many health benefits? Bees sure are!

Gorgeous Bee Coloring Page

Bees Nectar Coloring Page

Did you know bees help humans grow and produce fruits and vegetables? Teach your kids to appreciate these friendly creatures and their hard work by having them color this lovely scene.

Spring Harvester

Flying Worker Bee Coloring Page

Let your kid’s imagination run wild, imagining the adventures our honey bee had. The buzzing fellow is flying straight home from a hard day’s work with a bucket full of nectar.

Buzzy Coloring Fun

Easy Bee and Flowers Coloring Page

Our next spring-themed coloring page features a charming flying bee and four flowers to color in each corner of the page’s frame. Young ones can improve their fine motor skills by coloring within the lines of beautiful motives.

Smiley Bee

Buzzing Bee

Your children will have a buzzing good time with this bee coloring sheet. They are free to use any colors they prefer, and if they’re more advanced, they can also try experimenting with shading techniques.

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