Bat Puppet Printable Template

This paper bat puppet can be made either by using our template or without as it’s super easy to make – and perfect for halloween too.

Ready for Halloween? We are so check more of our Halloween crafts for kids to make.
Bat Puppet Printable Template Paper Craft for Kids

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With Halloween being near (and it being on of our favorite holidays to make crafts for) it’s time to get batty with bats! These paper puppets are insanely fun to play with (we know we’ve designed a whole bunch already).

While most of our previous paper puppets came with a fun looking template (this one does too), for this one we’d actually recommend skipping the template and just using black paper as your craft base. Your kids will be able to fold this one easily with or without the craft template.

Ready to make your bat puppets. Let’s craft!

Printable Bat Hand Puppet

Bat Puppet Printable Template

How to Make the Paper Bat Puppet

What you need:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Optional: coloring supplies if you are working with our template

Step by step tutorial

If working with our template, print it out (heavier print paper works great, regular print paper is OK too).

Color the template parts.

Fold in thirds along the dashed line.

If working without the template, fold in thirds too (it doesn’t have to be precise.

Glue the last third over the first one.

Fold the “paper tube” in half.

And fold those halves in half – making a M shape.

This is how the M shape should be looking.

Cut out a red tongue and glue it on the puppet.

Cut two white circles for the eyes and glue them on the bat.

Draw the black dots inside the eyes.

Cut two big fangs and glue them inside the mouth.

Lastly cut a pair of wings and add them to your puppet.

Printable Bat Puppet Paper Craft for Kids

Print This Bat Hand Puppet Here

Grab the template here.

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