Totally Awesome Pool Noodle Activities

Pool noodles are fun in any form. It’s a fact! There are so many great thing you can do with them (other than use them in the pool) and these pool noodle activities and crafts are the top of the crop!

Totally Awesome Pool Noodle Activities, Crafts and Ideas for Kids

1. Let’s start with something fun and for learning. You can make a super interesting pool noodle word search  game kids can either play in the pool or indoors on rainy days. Easy Peasy and Fun

2. If you have a whole bunch of these then making a pirate raft is a must – it’s one of the most awesome things ever (and a reason I’m contemplating buying a bunch of these!) Alyssa for Hubpages

3. Pom pom shooters? Oh yees! Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

4. Need a splish splash of water? Pool noodles are just the thing to make a DIY waterfall! Teaching Mama

5. Does sprinkling water sound fun (a bit more to the kids I guess)? You’re going to love these pool noodle tracks! Play Trains

6. Another way to keep cool is to make a car wash! How cool? Familicious

7. Pool noodle + marbles? Fun, fun, fun! Mama Papa Bubba

8. These colorful tubes are just screaming to be used to make an obstacle course track aren’t they? A ton of active pool noodle activities! Learn play Imagine

9. Cardboard horses are so last year… This year make a noodle horse! The Inspired Mom

10.  You can also make a ring toss game! Growing a Jeweled Rose

11. Or nake a pair of rackets! Ziggity Zoom

12. You absolutely must make a Star Wars light sabre! Kids Activities Blog

13. They are also great for building a play house! From ABC’s to ATC’s

Totally Awesome Pool Noodle Activities

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