April Fools Pranks for Mother in Law

Ah mothers in law… I’ll start this blog post by saying I have an awesome MIL, really she is amazing but as just about any other mother in law there are those things, you know small (or big) things that are just… Meh… But there’s one day in the year when you can “get back” at them in a pretty harmless way – April 1st! I have quite a few april fools pranks for mother in law ideas right here and I am hoping one (or more of these) will be just the one you need!

April Fools Pranks for Mother in Law

1. If they already don’t have one I think it’s time your partner gets a super large, maybe slightly vulgar, (fake) tattoo in a visible spot – neck, whole arm, back. This is my plan this year (I’ll be drawing one myself but you can either buy a temp tattoo sticker, or ask a friend who can draw to do it). You can cover it with plastic wrap like you would protect a fresh tattoo (will make it even more realistic).

2. Body piercings are another one – you can get magnetic or other fake ones that are easy to put on and take off – tongue, ears, cheeks, nose, belly button – the more the merrier.

3. Get a universal TV remote control. Mess with the channels when she is watching TV. I did this to my mom the other day – as I was cleaning up things from my old room I found a spare remote. Best half hour of my life – the theories why this is happening were hilarious.

4.  Tell her your younger kid(s) decided to become fruitarians (fruit only diet) and you respect their decision. (Disclaimer: While I do believe we should respects kids dietary choices to some extent – extreme diets are never good).

5. Balloon cake. Not for the faint hearted and this prank might just make her not want to talk to you for a while (depending on your relations this can either be a good or bad thing). See how to make one here.

Have a non-harmful, fun for all prank ideas of your own? I would love to hear them!

April Fools Day Pranks for Mother in Law

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2 thoughts on “April Fools Pranks for Mother in Law”

  1. Just a quick comment. Remember that the plural of Mother in law is “mothers-in-law”. There are multiple mothers, not laws… Same for Father’s, daughters, sons and etc.
    Fun ideas, but my MIL is in her 90’s and it would not be a good idea to scare her too much but we like to do little pranks. Like showing up unannounced….

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