Printable Animals Mix and Match Cubes

Ready for a new fun printable series? We have mix and match blocks! First in the fun series is this set of printable animals mix and match cubes with 6 different animals (6 heads, 6 bodies and 6 legs) and endless fun!

There’s a set you or your kids can color in and there’s also a set that’s pre-colored.

Printable Animals Mix and Match Cubes Paper Toy for Kids.*this post contains affiliate links*

We do love paper toys for kids and these printable paper cubes certainly are one of the more fun ones. We’ll be making all of our sets “interchangeable” so with each new set released there will be a ton of new combinations your kids will be able to make. How’s that for fun!

This first set has 6 animals we often see as pets or in the household. A lovely looking cat, a dog, a bird, a mouse, hamster and a bunny.

While there is a pre-colored version available we really hope your kids will go for the black and white version to color on their own, this will make the whole process even more fun – not to mention the blocks becoming unique.

These printable mix and match boxes can make a wonderful gift for the classroom (a frugal way to give every student a nice paper toy to assemble). Assembled cubes also make great gifts for friends and family.

Ready to start mixing and matching? We sure are!

Animals Mix and Match Cubes Printable Paper Craft for Kids

How to Assemble our Animals Mix and Match Cubes

What you need:

  • our printable animals mix and match cubes template
  • paper – regular print paper will work although we really, really recommend heavier print paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • printer

We also hope you’ll manage to add some glitter ;).

Watch The Video Tutorial


Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions

Print our animals mix and match cubes template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial).

We recommend printing on heavier print paper to make the cubes more durable.

If you printed our black and white version first color in all the animals.

We colored ours with markers as we do love the bright and vivid colors.

You can naturally use any other coloring medium.

Once everything is colored in, cut out the tube template.

Fold along the lines and make the folds crisp by running a craft stick (or anything really) over the folds.

With the colored side facing the table, fold the flaps upwards.

This will make folding the cube easier.Fold the cube. Apply glue on flaps and glue together.

The order of gluing isn’t important.

Add glue on flaps as you go.

Last one is always the trickiest. Apply a more generous amount of glue.

Gently press the cube together and hold it still for a while for the glue to set.

Repeat with all other cubes.

You can give them a little bit of time for the glue to really work it’s magic.

Once all 3 cubes are assembled you are all ready to start mixing and matching your animals.

Printable Animals Mix and Match Cubes

Animals Mix and Match Cubes Paper CraftGet the Printable Animals Mix and Match Cubes Template Here

Click here to get both the black and white and pre-colored version of our template: Animals-Mix-and-Match-Cubes

We hope you and your kids will enjoy playing with this cubes – do snap a photo and post it on IG using the @easypeasyandfun or #easypeasyandfun as we would love to see your colorful creations.

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