Halloween Mix and Match Cubes

Ready for some spooky mixing and matching fun? This time we got a new Printable Halloween Mix and Match Cubes for your kids to “flip around”.

These printable paper toys let your young ones to change their heads, bodies, and feet in a bunch of different combinations.

Printable Halloween mix and match cubes. Super fun Halloween activity for kids in classroom or at home.

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If you’re already thinking of all the fun the Halloween is bringing, these thematic mixing and matching cubes will be perfect to combine with our other series of printable blocks, such as monster mix and match cubes or others.

The spooky celebration is known by some of the most common characters: a witch, a skeleton, Frankenstein’s monster, a mummy, a ghost, and a werewolf. And we sure got them covered in this cool printable cubes pack!

Your kids can mix and match the blocks in numerous combinations in order to create different, spooky characters.

You will get 3 cubes (each one includes 6 different designs) in each printable pack. Kids can color the template in their own colors, or you can choose to print out the colored version for the game.

Ready? Let start mixing and matching!

Fun Halloween Mix and Match Cubes

How to Assemble our Halloween Mix and Match Cubes

What you need:

  • our printable Halloween mix and match cubes template (you can find the template at the end of this tutorial).
  • paper – we used heavier print paper (the regular will also work out fine)
  • markers or other coloring media
  • scissors
  • glue
  • printer

Let’s create some cool Halloween paper toys!

Watch The Video Tutorial


Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions

Start by printing out one of the templates. We chose the one that needs coloring, as we do love to color a lot of things (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial).

The paper we used is a 160 gsm type (the heavier one), but if you don’t have it, simply use the regular one (you could also glue two regular ones together to make them stronger).

Choose your coolest markers and color the template.

Use your scissors to cut it out.

We want some strong crisp folds, so we used a craft stick to achieve that effect.

Fold also all of the 7 flaps.

Apply some glue to them carefully.

It’s time to put the Halloween cube together. We started to create the cube by firstly putting all of the sides that have “glue” flaps.

We left the side without flaps to glue the last – it makes it much easier to close the cube nicely this way.

All of the flaps need to be glued efficiently, so we helped ourselves with the craft stick to press them well from the inside.

Glue the side (the one without any flaps) and you’re all done!

We recommend waiting until the glue really dries before the play.

Printable Halloween Mix and Match Cubes

Repeat all of the above steps to create other two cubes and enjoy the Halloween mixing and matching fun!

Fun Printable Halloween Mix and Match Cubes

Get the Printable Halloween Mix and Match Cubes Template Here

Click here to open the free printable template; Halloween Mix and Match Cubes

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