Accordion Paper Snowman

We have another wonderful snowman DIY tutorial to share with you, print out the template (or wing it) and make a fun looking accordion paper snowman.Simple Accordion Paper Snowman Craft for Kids. Super fun Winter craft idea for kids to make.*this post contains affiliate links*Membership banner

Time to make some winter crafts with your kids and snowmen are a great theme, hands down.

Playing outside in the snow is the best winter activity kids can do, but sadly there are some days that this just isn’t possible. Like blizzards, or the unwelcome winter rains. Sometimes you just get stuck inside and need something fun to do.

Crafts to the rescue!

We love crafting snowmen (just check our this collection of snowman craft ideas for kids to make), and we’ve done it many different ways. This activity focuses on folding, and can be a great overture to getting kids interested in origami crafts – as making crisp and neat folds is a must. That aside, this one is a fun project on it’s own!

Ready to make your snowman? Print the template and let’s get crafting!

Accordion Paper Snowman Craft

How to make Accordion Paper Snowman

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of the tutorial)
  • sheet of regular print paper
  • scissors
  • coloring supplies
  • glue
  • printer
  • paper straw
  • hole puncher (single hole puncher is recommended)

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow these step by Step Instructions

Print out our accordion paper snowman craft template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial).

Print on regular print paper.

Color in all the parts of the template that need coloring and cut them out.

Take the snowman body part and start folding it into an accordion, from bottom to the top (or the other way around).

The folds need to be about a finger wide (just enough that there will be some room around the hole that you’ll punch with the hole puncher). No need for being too precise.

Once everything is folded, it’s time to punch the hole through all the folds.

Now, depending on the paper weight and the number of folds you made, you might be able to punch a hole through all layers in one go. If not, punch through a few folds at a time, making sure the hole is always in the same place (punch new hole through the first ones).

Once you have punched through all layers, insert a paper drinking straw through all holes (should fit nicely).

Gently spread the snowmen – unfold the accordion, until you get a snowman shape.

Stick the ribbon (paper) on the hat…

…stick the hat on top of the accordion paper snowman.

Add eyes and buttons (apply glue on them and press them on their places).

Apply glue across the scarf and stick it where the head and body of the snowman meet.

Add glue to the carrot and stick it on the snowman face.

If you feel even more creative, you could also add some twigs to make the snowman arms.

Accordion Paper Snowman Craft for Kids to Make

Accordion Paper Snowman Craft for Kids

Get the Accordion Paper Snowman Craft Template Here

Click to get template –> Accordion Snowman Template

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