Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card

We’ve got a wonderful abstract colorful homemade Christmas card idea to share with you; as with many of our Christmas card ideas, this one, too is really simple to make.

All you need is some coloring supplies, scissors, paper, and glue.

Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card Idea for Kids

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We love making our own Christmas cards, but we want them to be easy to make – as making a number of them can become quite a chore if they aren’t easy. This card includes a bit of coloring, but it will be a relaxing experience – either for you or for your kids.

Abstract Homemade Christmas Card

There are a number of color combinations you can do, we though blue and green hues for the tree and pink and red ones for the background turned out fantastic.

Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card Idea

How to Make an Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card

What you need:

  • paper for the card or blank cards
  • white cardstock
  • coloring supplies
  • black marker
  • ruler (or just use paper to make straight lines)
  • round cap for the circle
  • glue
  • scissors 

You can also grab the free printable template at the end of this tutorial.


Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you don’t have blank cards, making your own base cards is insanely easy. Take a sheet of a4 / letter-sized construction paper in your favorite color and fold it in half.

Cut along the fold.

Take one of the two halves and fold it in half again. This will make one card base (make another one from the other half if you like).

Place the folded card on top of white cardstock and use it as a stencil to cut a white rectangle.

Trim the white rectangle a bit so that it will be smaller than the card. This will give your card a nice colored edge.

Draw a rectangle inside the white rectangle with a black marker.

If you have a bolder black marker, use it to draw a tree shape – keep it simple, draw a triangle and a small rectangle under it.

Now draw lines across the rectangle – randomly.

You can also add some circles. We used the glue cap as our circle stencil.

Apply glue on the back of the white rectangle and glue it on your card.

Next comes the coloring. We colored the shapes inside the tree with different shades of green and blue-green. We colored the outisde with different shades of purple.

No rules here.

Last but not least, add a special note inside the card.

All done, your geometric Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card is all done.

DIY Colorful Christmas Card Idea

Now just place it inside an envelope and give it to an awesome person.

Abstract Homemade Christmas Card

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