3D Paper Whale Craft

Let the kids make this cool 3D Paper Whale Craft, a project they will both love making and playing with. It’s a fun summer craft, perfect for the summer break or something to do on a summer camp. 

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids - Summer Craft Idea

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Summer is coming and we just love summer. We are so excited to go sailing in the ocean. We go so far where whales are.

Have you ever seen a whale? What a massive creature, right?

They leap out of the water and splash back down both with their bodies and with their large tails.

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids

And have you noticed air and water coming out from the top of their heads?

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids to Make

That is because they have these blowholes which they use for breathing.

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids to Make

Awesome creatures, huh?

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids

So, guess what?

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids to Make

Today we will craft a whale that moves and we will name it Whale Bob.

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids

How to Make a 3D Paper Whale Craft

What you need:

  • letter / A4 color papers (use whatever colors you like)
  • cardstock
  • 1 pipe cleaner stick or googly eyes
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glue (hot glue or glue dots work out great)
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • pencil

Materials Used

Let’s start!

Step by Step Instructions

Take one color paper and fold a square shape.

Step 1

Cut the excess paper off.

Open the square shape and fold two equal triangle shapes.

Step 2

Open the triangle shapes and fold the square shape again.

Step 3

Start cutting lines to the crease as shown on the picture.

Step 3-1

Be careful not to cut through the crease.

Step 3-2

Apply some glue on the outside of one triangle fold …

Step 4

… and glue the two triangles together.

We now have the body of the whale.

Step 4-1

Cut a round shape on the upper part of the body …

Step 5

… so the head doesn’t look too sharp.

Step 5-1

Draw and cut out one jaw shape and one tongue shape.

Step 6

Glue them together and then glue the jaw end inside the body.

Step 6-1

Make two circle shapes and glue them on the head.

Step 7


Form two small circles using a chenille stick, put some glue on them and place them on the circle shapes.

Step 8

Draw one rounded rectangle shape.

Step 9

Cut it in half and glue the pieces on both sides of the body.

Step 9-1

And let it dry a bit.

Step 9-2

Fold one paper piece in half, draw a half heart-like shape and cut it out.

Step 10

Open it and then place it as a tail.

Step 10-1

Make a comb-like shape on the blue card stock and make 6 incisions with scissors.

Step 11

Start rolling the strips upward.

Step 11-1

Glue the ends of the blowhole together.

Step 11-2

Attach the blowhole on the top of the head using hot glue.

Step 12

 Let the glue dry.

Step 12-1

Whale Your 3D paper whale is ready to move and glide through the water!

3D Paper Whale - Craft for Kids

You can make as many as you like.

3D Paper Whale - Craft for Kids

Make them in different colors.

3D Paper Whale - Craft for Kids

Aren’t they adorable?

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids to Make

You can make some for your friends too.

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids

They are just perfect to make during the summer holidays.

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids to Make

Enjoy …

3D Paper Whale Craft for Kids to Make

… and have fun crafting!

3D Paper Whale Craft Idea


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