3D Paper Snowman Craft

This sweet 3D Paper Snowman Craft can be a great winter craft project to make with your kids as well as a fun Christmas card.

As most of our projects, this one is super east to make and you won’t be able to stop at just making one.

3D Paper Snowman Craft for Kids

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With the most festive time of the year upon us, most parents and caretakers are busy finding ideas for fun projects to do with the kids and create memories. This Christmas snowman craft idea is great for many ages, which makes it a fun activity to do.

You probably have all the supplies that are needed in your home already, if not, you can always tweak the craft a little to make it work.

3D Paper Snowman Craft

How to Make 3D Paper Snowman Craft

What you need:

  • card or paper base
  • white paper
  • paper in a couple of colors or coloring supplies to color the paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Optional: circle paper punch


Step by Step Tutorial

Cut a couple of circles out of white paper.

You can use a paper punch (kids love it) or use a drinking glass as a stencil for your circles (or any other round object). Draw around the glass, and cut out the circles with scissors.

You will need quite a few, 8-12 works out pretty great.

Nothing wrong with having more of them or less of them – older kids will enjoy making their snowmen with more circles as they look fuller, while younger kids can use fewer to complete the craft sooner and not loose interest during the process.

Apply glue on one of the circles and stick it on the base paper.

Cut a square for the snowman hat (from black paper or other color). 

Also cut a strip of paper in different color to decorate the hat (completely optional).

Stick the strip of paper on the hat, cut excess paper if necessary.

Apply glue on the back of the hat and stick it on top of the white circle that you have previously glued on the base paper.

Cut a long strip out of black paper and stick it on the hat to complete it.

Next, let’s make a scarf. Cut a rectangle out of paper in the color you wish and stick it on the bottom of the white circle.

Fold the circles

Fold the remaining paper circles in half.

We ended up with 12 of them.

Take one of the folded circles, apply glue on one half…

And stick it on top of the white circle (one half).

Take the other folded circle, apply glue and stick it on the other half of the white circle.

Continue with the remaining folded circles, sticking it one on top of the other.

Once you glued them all, glue the last two together.

Open them up and spread them evenly.

Time to decorate

Let’s make the eyes. Cut two small thin strips of black paper and make paper rolls out of them (glue the ends together).

Apply glue on them and stick them on the snowman.

Cut the nose, fold it on the wider end, apply glue on the folded part.

Stick on the snowman.

All done! You now know how to make a 3D Paper Snowman Craft.

3D Paper Snowman Craft Idea

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