3D Paper Octopus Craft

Ready for the summer holidays and all the crafts that come with it? Dive into the underwater world by creating your very own 3D paper octopus craft. 

This one is a fun one indeed, so why not make more than one and in many different colors.

3D Paper Octopus Craft for Kids

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Summer Crafts are fantastic to do with your kids, and we love making them. Octopus are really fun to make, or you can even have your kids learn how to draw an octopus on their own.

DIY 3D Paper Octopus Craft

This 3D paper octopus craft is fun to do and will look great as a wall or table decoration. The octopus can spin its head in circles, and it will make you smile.

DIY Paper Octopus Craft

If you ready to craft this octopus with us, prepare your tools, and let’s start!

How to Make 3D Paper Paper Craft

What you need:

Materials Used

Let’s craft!

Step by Step Instructions

The Octopus’s Body

Take the white marker and trace the circle object on the yellow paper.

Step 1

Start drawing dashes in circles inside the circle.

Step 2

Fill up the whole circle with dashes.

Step 3

Take your scissors and cut out the circle.

Step 4

The Tentacles

Draw a small circle on the blue cardstock and eight tentacles around it, as shown in the picture.

Step 5

Cut out the tentacles using scissors.

Step 6

Glue the tentacles on top of the yellow circle.

Make sure the small blue circle stays in the center of the yellow circle.

Step 7

Punch out one blue circle.

Step 8

Push a split pin through both (a small blue circle and one with tentacles).

Step 9

Split the ends of the split pin for the circles to stay attached.

Step 10

Start drawing white circles on the tentacles.

Step 11

Make sure you didn’t miss a tentacle.

Step 12

Take the black liner and define each of the white circles on the tentacles.

Step 13

The Head

Take two blue rectangles and fold them in half.

Step 14

Cut out two vase-like shapes.

Step 15

Open the vase shapes and fold their ends.

Step 16

Apply some glue on the folded ends and attach them to the punched blue circle.

Step 17

Please repeat this step with the other vase-like shape, then glue them together at the top.

Step 18

The Comb

Take one small piece of blue cardstock, fold it in half, and use your scissors to make a “comb.”

We will use this comb as octopus hair. We know that octopuses don’t have hair, but this will make the octopus look cool and exciting.

Step 19

Make a fold, then glue the hair on the octopus head.

Step 20

The Mouth

Draw a smiling mouth using the black liner.

Step 21

The Eyes

Draw two eyes.

Step 22

Cut the eyes out using scissors.

Step 23

Attach the eyes on the octopus head. We placed them wide apart, but you can place them closer if you want to.

Step 24

All done!

Now start spinning its head. Wow!

3D Paper Octopus Summer Craft

We bet you like this octopus craft, huh?

Have fun, and stay tuned for more!

3D Paper Octopus Craft Idea

Get your 3D Paper Octopus Craft Template here

3D Octopus Paper Craft

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