Wooden Spoon Flower Craft

Today we’re making a craft for all the flower lovers out there, this wooden spoon flower craft is super easy to make and it doubles up as a wonderful decoration (or even Mother’s day gift).

The more you make, the better as they will make a wonderful bouquet.

Wooden Spoon Flower Craft for Kids

These little flowers will look wonderful in the garden too!

Wooden Spoon Flower Craft

What you need

  • wooden spoons
  • craft foam or construction paper
  • green and yellow paint
  • glue gun or white school glue
  • paint brush

Paint the wooden spoons, first with yellow and then with green. Let it dry completely.

Cut the flower petals out of craft foam or paper. If you’re working with craft foam glue gun is best, if you’re working with paper white school glue is more than enough to do the job.

Making the Flower

Add glue in the and start sticking on the petals. Let them glue dry.


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Flower Craft for Kids - Wooden Spoon Crafts


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