Turtle Black Glue Resist Art

Have you ever made resist art with your kids? It’s super fun to do and it becomes even more fun if you use black glue. We made this turtle black glue resist art to get your creativity going (there are tons more ideas for other ocean animals to be found at the end).

Turtle Black Glue Resist Art for Kids with Free Printable Turtle Template Included

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This arty project can be done with any color of glue so you can simply use your regular white glue but we think it looks even more amazing if you use black glue (stained glass much?).

We do know some brands have black glue for sale but it’s easier to make one by yourself than to go hunting the shops for it (at least that was our case).

Fun Turtle Black Glue Resist Art for Kids

Don’t know how to make black glue? It’s insanely easy. All you need is your regular white glue and some black acrylic paint. Pop open the cap of your glue and add some black paint (easiest if it’s in tube, if not you can make a funnel out of paper to help you). Mix with a skewer or a toothpick (or anything you can fit through the glue bottle neck). Add more color if needed. And that’s it! You made your black glue!

Turtle Black Glue Resist Art

Now let’s make some glue resist art!

How to Make Turtle Black Glue Resist Art

What you need

  • a sheet of paper (heavier paper is best as the glue will wrinkle regular paper)
  • a pencil
  • black glue (regular white glue + black acrylic paint)
  • hair dryer

We have a how to draw a turtle step by step tutorial to help your kids with drawing the turtle and we also have a printable Turtle Template you can use to trace your turtle.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions with Tips and Tricks

You first need to make the glue (or buy the black glue). You need to stir in some black acrylic paint (less is better) into white school glue and mix it well (we used a skewer).

Start by drawing the turtle with a pencil.

We used a 160gsm paper for our project (watercolor paper or construction paper will work out nice too).

We have a step by step drawing printable available on our website and this is what we used to draw our turtle.

Once you have drawn your turtle take the black glue and trace the pencil lines. Take your time.

Time for the glue to dry! You can step away and leave it to dry for a day or two OR take the fast route like we did and dry it with a hair drier.

But be careful how you go about it. We first let the glue dry on it’s own for a couple of minutes. When you start with the hair dryer start with a low heat and minimum power, also keep your hair drier at a good distance from the project – you don’t want to blow away the glue. As the glue dries you can move in closer and even increase the temperature and blowing power.

Once you dried the glue comes another fun part. Coloring! You could use a variety of mediums but watercolors are the best!

Turtle Black Glue Resist Art for Kids

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