Yarn Wrapped Rock Monsters – Rock Crafts

Did you have a pet rock as a kid? I did have quite a few but none of them looked as silly as these yarn wrapped rock monsters!

We love rock crafts here, it’s amazing just how many cool things you can do with something as simple as a rock.

Wool Wrapped Rock Monsters - Rock Crafts

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Yarn Wrapped Rock Monsters

What you need;

  • rocks (either gather them on a walk or buy them from a store – craft stores, dollar store, home and garden store…)
  • yarn – I’m really loving the multicolor yarn
  • white school glue
  • googly eyes
  • black marker
  • scissors

If you gathered your rocks from the nature wash them first to remove all the dirt that might make the glue less effective. As for the shape of rocks it really doesn’t matter that much as all shapes will make fun looking monsters just make sure the rocks are big enough for kids to easily handle.

Now that we’ve got our rocks ready let’s start making silly monsters.

Rock Crafts for Kids

We’ll start with the hair. Wrap a good amount of yarn around your fingers and cut on top and on bottom – you’ll get two sets of monster hair which. “Hair” in each of those sets should still stick together somewhat (this is helpful but not necessary).

Apply a generous amount of glue on top of the rock (one side) and add one set of hair. Spread the yarn hair across  the rock and gently press down with fingers (some might fall off). Let dry for a while and do the same on the other side. Let dry.

Now comes the fun wrapping part. Start in the middle by tying the yarn around the rock. Start wrapping the yarn towards the hair adding glue as you go. Make sure you wrap some of the hair too (we don’t want monster hair roots to be showing do we?). When done wrapping (you can even double wrap – first up to the “hair” and then back to the middle) apply a generous amount of glue and tie the yarn.

Add some googly eyes and draw in the scary, ehm silly, mouth.

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Rock Monsters


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