How to Make Doll Fairy Wings Tutorial

If your kids already have a ton (or one) of dolls and none of them has fairy wings and they want one you can easily make that happen without having to purchase a new doll! This how to make doll fairy wings tutorial will show you how to make a kid friendly version – without wire or plastic!

Older kids can easily make this project by themselves while younger ones will need some help – but most of it they can do on their own!

Tutorial - How to Make Doll Fairy Wings

How to Make Doll Fairy Wings

What you need:

  • see through fabric – we used an old window courtain (dollar store quality), but tulle would also work as would any other fabric that has a see through feel.
  • mod podge (or white school glue diluted with water)
  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • small clasp hair clip (jaw or claw clips – however you call them)
  • glitter (optional)
  • clear plastic foil or tin foil – something that the mod podge won’t stick too
  • super glue

Start by placing the fabric on the clear plastic foil and cover it with mod podge. Let it dry completely. Depending on the type of fabric you will have to do this on both sides or in multiple layers to make the fabric hard. Once you are happy with the result it’s time to draw a wing – only one will do as all you have to do is fold the fabric in half to get “double wings” like shown on the image bellow. You will need two sets.

Doll Wing Making

Now we’ll use the permanent marker to draw some wing details – again depending on your fabric you’ll either have to do this on one wing only (if the fabric is really transparent) or on both sides. When you’re done glue the wings together – so that from one “double” wing you get only one – with permanent marker on the inside (it will look nicer this way). For some extra magic add some glitter to the wings (you can also add some gems if you have them).


Now that you have both wings all decorated it’s time to use super glue and glue them on the hair clip.

Finishing Up the Fairy Wings


All done! Now you can clip the wings on your doll – if her clothes are loose enough you can easily clip them on the clothes, if not you can just clip them on the doll’s hair – it will look awesome either way! This way your kids (or you hehe) can easily put them on the doll and remove them just as easily.

How to Make Doll Fairy Wings Tutorial


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