Halloween Handprint and Footprint Art

Got creative little footsies and hands? Why not make these two Halloween handprint and footprint art projects – a bat and ghosts!

Halloween Footprint and Handprint Art

Footprint & Handprint Craft for Halloween

What you need:

  • Black and White non toxic washable craft paint
  • 2 paper plates
  • small paint brush
  • construction paper (your choice of color, but black works best for the ghosts)
  • scissors
  • a cute little baby foot
  • cute little baby hands

What to do:

For the bat-

Squirt a good sized amount of paint onto a paper plate, black on one and white on the other (purple is pictured from another craft that day)


Use the paint brush to cover baby’s foot with paint. We found it is much easier than dipping the foot in the paint.

Press baby’s foot down at a slight angle, right foot for the right bat wing. Left foot for the left bat wing.

Use your finger or the paint brush to fill in the body of the bat and add ears

Let dry, use a dab of white paint to create a face. We skipped the fangs simply to make it less scary!

Footprint Bat Art


For the ghosts-

Follow step 2 above, putting paint on baby’s hand

Press down on the paper, pick up quickly taken care not to smudge the paint


Repeat as many times as you want, you can use bigger hands to create a family!

Let dry, use black paint to create faces

Clen up is easy, just throw the plates away and wash the brushes! (Oh, and baby, unless you want to decorate your home the easy way).

Handprint Ghost Art





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