3D Paper Heart Craft

Simple paper crafts can be the most fun and adorable, and this certainly goes for this 3D paper heart craft. It’s easy to make and you can quickly decorate the whole room with a love filled garland, perfect for Valentines day or any other day of the year.

3D Paper Heart Craft

What you need

  • sheets of red paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • pencil
  • thread

Draw a half heart shape on the cardstock and cut it out. You will be using this as a template for hearts. Fold the red paper and draw an outline of the heart shape on the red paper. Cut the hearts out. You need at least 4 paper hearts to make one 3D paper heart.

Glue string on one of the heart shapes, straight down the middle. Apply glue on on half of the heart (the one with string) and glue on another heart. Apply glue on the heart that you just glued onto the first one (again on the half). Glue another heart. Now apply glue both on the last heart you glued on and on the other half of the first heart and glue on the last heart.


You can have each heart as an ornament individually or you can connect them into a wonderful heart garland.

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3D Paper Heart Craft

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