Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

Wood slices can be turned into lovely DIY Christmas ornaments – we are going to show you how to make a wood slice snowman ornament today. 

The shape of a wood slice is just asking for it to be made into a snowman, and it’s one of the easiest things you can make. This makes it a great Christmas craft to make in the clasroom.Wood Slice Snowman DIY Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids - This is a cool Christmas craft for kindergarten *this post contains affiliate links*members.easypeasyandfun.com/pricing/

There’s nothing just as fun as making your own Christmas ornaments (well making your own DIY Christmas cards comes close).

It can be an amazing family Christmas tradition, with each member of the family making their own unique ornament each year. Just think of how great your tree will look in a couple of years, and more importantly, how many memories will be made while crafting them.

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament Craft

If you want to make something simple, that is almost guaranteed to turn out good (and won’t be expensive or time consuming) – wood slice ornaments are the way to go.

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament Idea

How to Make a Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

What you need:

  • wood slices – make your own or get them from craft stores – this time of the year they won’t be hard to get
  • white acrylic paint
  • permanent or paint markers in various colors
  • paintbrush
  • string for hanging

Step by Step Instructions

Store bought wood slices usually come with a hole already drilled.

If you are making the slices yourself, first drill a hole (or glue the thread on the ornament as an easy solution).

Paint the wood slices with white craft paint.

Depending on paint, more than one layer of paint might be necessary.

Let the paint dry completely before moving to the next step.

With black marker, draw snowman faces. Two eyes and mouth.

You can keep it “classical” with two dots for eyes, and a number of smaller dots for mouth, or you can make other silly faces.

We think that snowmen look even cuter if they have pink cheeks.

Paint a pink circle on both sides of cheeks. Cute isn’t it?

Almost done! Draw a triangle shape with orange marker or paint marker – this makes the carrot nose.

Your Wood Slice Snowman Ornament is ready for hanging.

Wood Slice Snowman OrnamentMake as many as you want, the more, the better.

DIY Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

Happy crafting!

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament Idea for Kids

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