“Wild About You” Valentine Printable

Valentine’s day is one of those holidays where there is no such thing as a bad pun. These “Wild About You” valentine printable cards are perfect for teachers to give to their students, or for kids to give to their friends. A

A fun, inexpensive and cute non candy valentine.

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Whether you celebrate love or friendship, Valentine’s day is perfect for gifting small tokens of affection. While we think friendship (and love) should be celebrated each and every day, nothing’s wrong with going that extra mile on special days.

Valentine’s day is also great to make all kinds of heart themed valentines day activities with your kids, and if they want to make something for their friends these valentines are perfect.

If you are a teacher and in search of a quick to make and inexpensive valentine to give to your students this one is more than suitable (we’ll also share a dinosaur version too). It’s fun, it’s punny and it comes with a small toy which you can grab at the dollar store (Dollar tree and Dollar general usually have these in stock all year round).

You can also get them online, we’ll share our favorite in the material lists)

Wild About You Valentine Printables for Kids

“Wild About You” Valentine Printable

What you need:

  • card templates (you can grab it at the end of the tutorial)
  • heavier print paper (or regular paper and you can use colorful cardstock as base for the card)
  • printer
  • scissors or paper cutter (or both)
  • decorative tape (clear tape works too)
  • glue
  • mini wild animals figures

How to Make the Wild About You Valentines

Print the Valentines on heavier print paper – this will make these super easy and quick to make.

You can also print them on regular print paper and use colorful scrapbook or construction paper as the base of the card.

Cut out each card with paper trimmer or scissors.

If you printed them on regular paper, or just want a colorful base to add some contrast, cut out rectangles out of colorful paper.

We love textured paper as it really ads to the card. You will need to make the rectangle slightly larger than the printable cards.

Stick the printable cards to the base. Stick glue works best as it doesn’t wet and wrinkle the paper.

Use glitter tape or washi tape to attach a mini wild animal figure to each card.

Some sets of mini animal toys also come with a book with information and facts about the animals.

Why not cut out those facts and glue them on the back of your card. This way your students will not only get a fun toy to play with but will also learn something new about the animal on the card.

Your cards are ready to be enjoyed. These are perfect for classroom exchanges!




"Wild About You" Valentine Printable Craft for Kids

Get the Tulip in a Heart Card Craft Template

Get the template here – Printable Valentine’s Day card template.

Happy crafting!

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