Walrus Pop Up Card Template

Learn how to use our Walrus Pop Up Card Template to make the coolest walrus pop up card ever.

This polar animal craft will have your kids jumping of joy, just look at those fun tusks.

Walrus Pop Up Card Template Craft for Kids

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When it comes to winter crafts and polar animals, walrus is certainly one of the coolest ones – the oversized tusks are something kids get easily fascinated by.

This walrus craft puts a spotlight on the tusks, and we think it really, really looks fun.

Walrus Pop Up Card Template

How to Make a Walrus Pop Up Card with our Walrus Pop Up Card Template

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the pop up card template – you can go with the black and white one that kids will have to color in first.

Once you have printed the card (and colored it if printing the black and white version), cut along the card outline (rectangle shape).

Also cut the tusk parts, set them aside – we’ll need them at the end.

Fold the walrus pop up card along the center – marked by the dashed line. 

The design needs to be on the outside of the folded card.

Next cut a slit along the mouth line (marked by a straight line).

You will notice two diagonal dashed line on the head of the walrus, fold along those lines – you can fold it back and forth.

Open up the card, and slowly start folding it (closing it) with the design on the inside.

Push your fingers through the mouth as you close the card – so the folded mouth part will stay in place.

This is what you should be seeing.

Run your hands through the folds, to make them nice and crisp.

Fold the red background card in half.

Place the folded pop up card inside, apply glue on one side and stick it.

Apply glue on the other side, and close the red card.

Allow the glue to set. Once dry open up the card and stick the walrus tusks on the snout (on the designated area).

All done, your walrus card is ready to go!

Walrus Pop Up Card Template Craft

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