Tin Can Cat

We are back with another super awesome cat craft project today. A cute pet cat toy that actually moves on wheels. Woo – hoo! Gather the odd materials around your home and make this cool tin can cat craft.

Tin can cat craft - tin can craft ideas

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Do you like cats or do you maybe own one?

Cats are super funny we can tell. Have you ever noticed that they are just too cool to care about anything?

Funny, right?

We do love cats these two are called Many and Mo.

Cat friends

They fight a lot and make a ton of mess around the house.

How to Make a Tin Can Cat

  • a tin can
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • 4 wheels (Lego wheels work great as do wheels from broken toys)
  • 1 wooden piece

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

Let’s start! Print out the template at the end of this post.
Step 1

Cut out the cat shapes using your scissors.

Step 1-1

Take the tin can and wrap the fur paper part around it.
Step 2
Cut the excess paper using scissors …Step 2-2

… and after that apply some hot glue on it and glue it to the tin can.

Step 2-3

Put some glue on the wooden piece and attach it to one side of the tin can.

Step 3

Then apply some glue at the middle of the wooden piece and on the upper part of the tin can …

Step 3-1

… and put the paper cat head on. Let the glue dry.

Step 3-2

Apply some glue on the paper tail …

Step 4

… and glue it on the back of the tin can.

Step 4-1

Your tin can cat should now look like this from one perspective.

Step 4-2

And like this from the side.

Step 4-4

Put some glue on two of the wheels and glue them on the bottom part of the tin can as back legs.

Step 5

Then apply some glue on the other two wheels and glue them as front legs.

Step 5-1
Put some glue on the yarn and glue it to the tin can, under the paper cat head.

Tin Can Cat Craft for Kids to Make

All done!

See you guys with more fun crafts.

Cat Friends

Now go play with your new toy, we promise it will bring you joy!

Get the template here

Project contributed by Ema.

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