String Art Star – Yarn Crafts for Kids

Whether you celebrate 4th of July or not this easy string art star is perfect for young kids to make (you can certainly use other colors if you’re not in the Independence day mood).

This string art is perfect for kids, as the project uses yarn instead of string which is better for the little hands.

String Art Star - Such a cool 4th of July craft for kids

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String Art Star

What you need to make this 4th of July string art star

  • wood board – it’s best to go with a soft wood if kids will be pounding the nails by themselves (shown measures 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ x 1/2″)
  • wire nails
  • tack hammer
  • red, white & blue yarn (Lily Sugar variegated yarn was used in this project)
  • star template (you can use a cookie cutter or such), the one in this project is a 3″ star
  • paper
  • tape
  • pencil
  • scissors

String Art Star Materials

Cut out a star from a template you print on your computer or a traced cookie cutter or stencil. Or, freehand a star.

Use a small piece of tape to affix it to the center of your board.

Begin to pound your nails. Start at the tip of each star and then the corners and split the different between the two. You want your nails about 1/2″-3/4″ apart.

Place your nails in each of the four corners of the board and begin to pound your nails in using the same 1/2″-3/4″ spacing.

Wash your hands, because they will probably be filthy from the nails.


Begin to string your board. Tie your yarn around one corner nail, and double knot it.

Tie a knot
There’s no right or wrong way to string a board – but zig zagging and skipping around at least every other nail usually looks best.

Stringing the star

The hiccups you may encounter: you’ll be strolling along, wrapping yarn around nail heads and all of the sudden one will slip halfway off. Try to slide it back on or remove the yarn so you can fix it. The other frustration will be when you’re stringing along and all of the sudden the string just seems to come off several nails! I prevent this, you need to wrap the string around the entire nail head about every 5th nail.

(Does that make sense? String five nails, wrap yarn all the way around the head, and continue on).

Working your way

When you are happy with your string, begin to work on the outline of the star. Wrap your yarn around one nail head and carry it to the next, wrap your yarn around that nail head and carry it to the next. When you reach the beginning, reverse direction to outline the other side of the nail head.

Outlining the star

When you’ve finished with the star outline, zig zag your way back to the starting nail and tie the two strings in a double knot. Trim with scissors.

This string art star will make a lovely display for 4th of July, but you can also use string in different  colors to make this a year round project.

Yarn Craft for Kids

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String Art Star - Simple String Art for Kids

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