Seal Pop Up Card Template

If you are ready to step out of the normal crafting zone and enter the cool crafting zone, then you need to make this Seal Pop Up Card Template.

Kids love making these cards! They resemble a fun little seal and you can see their tongue. How fun it is to make this seal talk as well.

Seal Pop Up Card Template

Seals are so much fun to make because they are so interesting. You can teach your kids that seals have a layer of blubber to help them stay warm in the very cold winters.

How to Make a Seal Pop Up Card Template

What you need:

  • Seal pop up template
  • Red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step-by-Step Tutorial

The first step you are going to take is to print out the seal pop up template!

As you can see, the template also has directions to complete the steps.

You can assist your child in cutting this template out if they need it.

Once it’s cut out, go ahead and fold it hamburger style.

Ever so carefully, go ahead and cut along the dotted lines where the mouth is.

Once the mouth is cut out, you are going to start folding it as instructed. Take the top part of the mouth and fold it away from the face.

Take the bottom part of the mouth and fold it out and away from the face.

As you can see, this will make the mouth part pop out.

Ever so carefully, take the template and fold it back in half, facing forward.

This is how you will glue the template to the red paper.

Glue everything but the mouth to the red paper.

The gluing is always the fun part!

Now you can fold the whole card in half, with the red paper included.

And there you have a fun Seal Pop Up Card Template. This is the perfect card to hand out to friends and family or just enjoy at home!

Seal Pop Up Card

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