Printable Valentines Day Quiet Book

If your kids love learning with busy books they will love our new printable Valentines Day Quiet book.

This book includes a range of activities for young learners – from basic concepts to rhymes and compound words.

Valentines Day Quiet Book Printable

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What do you need to make this V-day activity book

Printable Valentines Day Quiet Book Walk-trough the Activity Pages

Box of Chocolate

Match the delicious looking chocolate shapes to their outlines in the chocolate box.

Heart Color Matching

Match the hearts – young learners can look at the borders of the heart outlines to help them out with matching the colors while emergent readers can try and read the color words to match the colors.

Animal Pairs

Love is in the air in the animal kingdom? Can your kids match all the animal pairs?

Conversation Hearts Alphabet or Letter Match

Match the letters of the alphabet. Both upper case and lowercase letters are available – so you can either have the kids work on letter recognition (match the capital letter to capital letter and lowercase letter to lowercase letter) or have them match upper case letters to lower case letters (or the other way around).

Compound Words Love Letters

Connect two words and build a compound word – make the envelopes hole. Rainbow = rain + bow, toothbrush = tooth + brush, starfish = star + fish, birdhouse = bird + house). Great fun for kids who can already read as well as for kids who can’t – they can help themselves with pictures.

Time to Rhyme – Flower Bouquet

Look at the images, say the words out lout and find the ones that rhyme.

Ten Frame Love Bugs

Look at the number on the love bugs and match the correct ten frame to it.

Printable Valentines Day Quiet Book

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