Penguin Footprint Craft

This sweet project will make a fun gift for family and friends.

This penguin footprint craft is easy and quick to make.
Penguin Footprint Art

This is a simple winter craft you can do when it is freezing outside and you are stuck indoors. If you’ve got young kids this will be a project mostly done by yourself naturally, if you’ve got older kids who can mostly do this on their own you can bet they will love the messy feet – you can have them do many fun black and white footprints (you know the messier the more fun) and turn the nicest one into a penguin as a keepsake.

##Penguin Footprint Craft

Materials Needed

  • White Constructions Paper
  • Black, Orange and White Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue


Paint the bottom of your child’s foot with the black paint. This was hilarious, he was cracking up laughing.
I can imagine it tickles an awful lot!

Press the foot down onto the white constructions paper. Make as many prints as you want. Each print
will be a penguin body. Allow to dry.

Paint a white oval onto the middle of the footprint for the body. Add an orange beak and some wings in

Glue the eyes into place. Decorate as desired! Give your masterpiece a name and date!

Penguin Footprint Craft to Make With Your Kids

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