Paper Roses Heart Craft for Kids – Valentines Day or Mothers Day

It’s all about hearts and roses with this paper roses heart craft. This one isn’t the easiest craft out there, it does require some patience and good fine motor skills (so it’s for older kids and grown ups) but the end result is really, really amazing. 

This heart is a great Valentines day craft or a craft for Mother’s day, it’s guaranteed to make someone’s day.Paper Roses Heart Craft Idea - this wonderful craft for kids is great for Valentines day of Mother's day.

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These little rolled paper roses are actually pretty easy to make (not suitable for young kids though, certainly not easy for them) – once you master the first one, you won’t have any issues with making the rest. That said, as a larger number is required to complete this project, patience is key. You could also make this a group effort, having more family members or your class make one heart together, this will make it way easier. 

How to Make Paper Roses Heart Craft

What you need:

  • colored craft paper
  • template
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • craft foam sheet (thick)

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template – you can make this craft without the template too.

There are 4 different sizes for flowers included on the template, this will give a more natural look to your flower heart. Print the tempalte and cut it. Trace the templates on colorful craft papers – you can go with any color scheme you like – red and pink tones are perfect for Valentine’s day.  Cut out the traced patterns.

Take one of of the spirals and start rolling from the outer end.

Roll all the way to the center.

When you reach the center, “let it go” slightly so the roll loosens up a bit. Add a bit of glue on the “cenetr” of the spiral and press onto the rolled part.

Hold still for a while for the glue to set.

Make the rest of the rolled roses the same way. Make as many as you need to fill the heart.

For the heart base, you can either get one from the craft store or you can make one yourself – cardboard, foam or other similar material.

If you are making it yourself, draw a small heart and a bigger heart around it and cut.

Start gluing the roses to the heart base.

You can start gluing them on any part of the heart.

You can fill the whole heart or just add some accents.

Continue adding the flowers until you are happy with how the Paper Roses Heart Craft  looks.

Done filling?

Paper Roses Heart Craft

All done! You can add yarn for hanging or leave as is.

Paper Roses Heart Craft for Kids

Grab the Printable Roses Template

Get flower spiral template here.

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