Paper Roll Handprint Flowers – Mother’s Day Craft Idea

Combining toilet paper rolls with handprint art we have these fun paper roll handprint flowers to share with you.

These are pretty easy to make so can be done with kids in kindergarten, or with help with preschoolers too.

Toilet Paper Roll Handprint Flowers Craft for Kids

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This fun project makes a great Mother’s day craft and can easily be done in the classroom – if you are not fond on using toilet paper rolls you can always swap them up with rolls from paper kitchen towels, have the kids make rolls by themselves or even purchase the paper rolls from craft stores.

Paper Roll Handprint Flowers Craft

How to Make Paper Roll Handprint Flowers

What you need:

  • construction paper in green and floral color
  • toilet paper roll
  • green paint
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paint brush
  • pencil for tracing

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Paint the toilet paper roll green.

Let the paint dry.

Step 2

Cut two slits into the toilet paper roll.

One across the other.

Cut through a quarter or a fifth of the toilet paper roll.

Step 3

Place your hand on the construction paper and trace around the hand with a pencil (or other marker / crayon…)

Step 4

Cut out the hand outline.

Step 5

Push the handprint into the slits on the toilet paper roll.

Step 6

Cut two leave shapes out of green construction paper.

Step 7

Stick the leaves on the bottom of the toilet paper roll.

All done! You have made your Paper Roll Handprint Flowers.

Toilet Paper Roll Handprint Flowers

Pretty aren’t they?

Paper Roll Handprint Flowers

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