Paper Lion Craft

Need an idea for a not so fierce looking lion craft? We are sharing simple paper lion craft with you this time, and this one can also double up as a DIY lion puppet.

This one is perfect for kids in kindergarten and older, but with some help preschoolers can manage to do their own to (you might want to modify it a little bit though).
Cute Paper Lion Craft for Kids to Make

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We love it when a craft goes beyond being just a craft! This one is perfect for fine motor skills as lots of cutting is involved (especially if you go with scissors), making paper loops also being great for fine motor skills, and once the craft is completed this can be used as a puppet.

While making the loops out of paper is good for fine motor skills, younger kids (pre-K) might find it to be a bit to difficult. We suggest you skip the looping part and just use “un-looped” strips of paper to make the lion mane.

Paper straws are great for making these puppet crafts, as they are long, but craft sticks work out nice as well (as would markers and coloring pencils if there is no other alternative.)

We hope this little lion craft idea will spark your imagination for more projects like this one (we have a few more coming your way in the near future too).

All set? Let make this one!

Paper Lion Craft

What you need

  • orange construction paper
  • yellow construction paper
  • round paper punch (or just cut a circle with scissors)
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • glue
  • marker
  • wiggle eye stickers
  • paper straws
  • clear tape or duct tape

We made both video instructions for this idea and photo tutorial.

Watch the Lion Craft Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Simple Step by Step Instructions

Cut a whole bunch of strips out of orange consturction paper.

We cut strips across the width of a legal/A4 sized paper. The strips were roughly as wide as a thumb.

Younger kids will handle wider strips easier while older kids can work with strips that are even thinner.




Make loops by gluing the ends of the paper strips together..

Loots of loops.




Use a paper punch to make a circle out of yellow construction paper. Alternatively you can just cut a circle out with scissors (you can use round objects – glasses, lids, containers to make the circle outline to cut.

Decorate the lion head. Glue on wiggle eye stickers (or draw the eyes) and draw the snout and other facial features.



Time to do some gluing.

Start gluing loops of orange paper on the back of the lion head. First make a cross – gluing 4 loops at a 90° angle and then continue by gluing other between them (and then between those).

Continue until you are happy with how the lion mane looks.




Once you are happy with your mane it’s time to add the drinking straw.

We found it works best if you apply a generous amount of glue on the straw (or on the back of the lion), press the straw to the lion craft and then secure with clear tape or duct tape.




Your paper lion craft puppet is all done and ready to get some dramatic play action!


Cute Paper Lion Craft for Kids


Paper Lion Craft for Kids

Paper Lion Craft for KIds to Make

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