Killer Whale Pop Up Card Template

We have another fun polar animal pop up card to share with you – today we are making a killer whale pop up card.

Print out our pop up card template and make this fun looking sea mammal.

Killer Whale Pop Up Card Template Craft Idea for Kids

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If you are doing a sea animals unit study or working on polar animals, this orca pop up card will be a fun addition to it.

It’s insanely easy to make so even the youngest kids will love making it.

Killer Whale Pop Up Card Template Craft

How to Make a Orca Pop Up Card with our Killer Whale Pop Up Card Template

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the orca pop up card template – you can go with the black and white one that kids will have to color in first.

Once the black and white template is colored in, or if you printed the full colored one – cut around the outer rectangle line.

Next comes the folding – fold the card in half, with the orca design on the outside, by following the dashed line that runs across the card.

There is a zig zag line located between the killer whale’s teeth, slowly cut along that line.

You’ll notice two diagonal dashed line running across the orca’s face – fold along those lines.

Open up the card and slowly start closing it up again – this time with the design on the inside. 

Push your fingers through the back of the killer whale’s mouth as you close the card, this will help you position the folds as they should be for your pop up card.

At this point, this is how your card should look like.

Take the red card (fold the red cardstock paper if you don’t have a card) – the card needs to be the same size or bigger than the pop up card template. 

Apply glue on one half of the folded pop up card (the one with the design) and stick it inside the red card.

Press down for the glue to set.

Apply glue on the other half…

…and close the card.

Wait for the glue to set.

All done! Your Orca pop up card is complete.

Killer Whale Pop Up Card Template

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