Heart Air Balloons Card

We do love sharing Valentines day card ideas and these Heart Air Balloons Cards certainly is one of the cuter ones.Heart Air Balloons Card Craft Idea for Kids to Make #Valentinesdaycrafts #craftsforkids #papercraftsforkids

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This wonderful DIY valentines day card is easy to make, even for “clumsy” crafters as you can use the template to make the card.

Paper Heart Air Balloons Card Craft

How to Make Heart Air Balloons Card

What you need:

  • colored construction paper – 4 or 5 different colors including white
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Black gel pen
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • Template

Follow These Step by Step Instructions


Take different colored construction papers and trace the patterns from the template on the paper.

Carefully cut out the traced patterns from the construction papers.

Select the placement for the heart air balloons on the card.

Take any 2 hearts cut outs, fold them into half and apply glue along the folds. Place the 2 folded hearts side by side on the place for the air balloon.

Take the third medium heart cutout and fold it into half again.

Apply glue along the fold and carefully place it in the middle of the 2 hearts from the previous step.

Take the other cut out parts of the air balloon and glue them below the 3d heart pattern to complete the air balloon.

Similarly make the other heart air balloon.

Now time to glue the clouds.

To give the clouds a popped up look, glue a small piece of cardstock paper below them. Don’t forget to write ‘love is in the air’ on the big cloud before gluing it on the card.

Although this step is optional but adding a thin colored border on the top and bottom edge of the card gives it a vibrant look.

Heart Air Balloons Card Craft


Paper Heart Air Balloons Card

Get the Heart Air Balloons Card Template

Get your printable heart air balloons card template -> Heart Air Balloons Template

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