Halloween Emotions Spinners

Now this is a Halloween craft full of emotions! Print out our Halloween emotions spinners and have your kids explore a variety of emotions or just have them pretend play with this fun paper toy.

A witch, a vampire and a Jack’o’lantern await.

Halloween Emotions Spinners With Printable Template

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Three little monsters to explore: The witch will be giving a big smile, have an angry face, be pretty scared and  also in love. The vampire will give you a big smiling grin too, a pretty angry face,  cry and be in love. Jack o lantern has a happy expression, sad face, angry look and a surprised one.

Emotions Spinners Halloween Craft for Kids

How to make our Halloween Emotions Spinners

What you need:

  • our template
  • heavier print paper
  • scissors
  • paper fastener (split pin, brad – these are usually sold at craft stores as well as office supply stores)
  • coloring supplies if printing the black and white version

You can also laminate these to make them last longer.

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out our template. We always recommend card stock for these types of crafts, however if you are going to laminate these, regular paper can be used too.

Color in the craft template if you printed the black and white version.

Cut out along the outline.

You will need one paper fastener for this project – larger ones are better.

Punch holes through both template parts (through the small hole in the center). You can punch the hole with the paper fastener, however it’s quite sharp so if kids will be punching holes we recommend using something else.

Push the paper fastener through the holes, first through the top part of the craft template.

And then through the second part.

Spread the paper fastener to secure it. 

Turn the emotions paper toys a couple of times to make the turning more smooth.

Halloween Emotions Spinners

Have fun exploring all the facial expressions.

Halloween Emotions Spinners Craft

Get this Halloween Emotions Spinners Template

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