Father’s Day Handprint Craft

This wonderful Father’s Day handprint craft is a perfect keepsake your preschoolers or kindergarteners can make for Father’s Day. It’s easy, quick, and really personal and thoughtful.

It can be made in different ways, you can use this handprint art to make a heartfelt DIY Father’s day craft or you can use craft sticks (or something else) and make a frame around it. This makes it great for dad’s to display it in their home.

Father's Day Handprint Craft

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It’s time to celebrate all the awesome dads and father figures out there. With a cute Father’s day craft your kids or students will brighten up their father’s or father’s figure day without a doubt.

Handprint crafts are perfect in that regard, especially if you make a keepsake every year. Looking at the little hands grow over time is pretty much priceless.

How to Make this Father’s Day Handprint Craft

What you need:

  • non-toxic paints (skin tone, hair colors)
  • paintbrush
  • cardstock
  • craft sticks and glue (optional)
  • googly eyes (can be replaced with wiggle eye stickers or drawn)
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Prepare a sheet of white cardstock. Regular paper works well too if you are making a card, but we do strongly recommend cardstock if you are making a framed keepsake.

It’s a good idea to add just a bit of water to paint, so it doesn’t dry as fast. Paint the palm in skin tone and fingers with color that matches the father’s hair.

In case of no hair, paint the fingers in skin tone as well.

Firmly press the hand down on the sheet of paper to make the handprint. Wash hands.

If a part of the handprint didn’t work out or print properly, you can always fix it a little with a paintbrush.

Wait for the paint to dry. Add a pair of eyes – you can use googly eyes, googly eye stickers or draw the eyes.

Add eyebrows and draw a line for the mouth.

Kids can also add additional details to the face such as beard, mustache, glasses…

To make the frame, apply glue on the craft sticks and stick them on the cardstock around the handprint.

Wait for the glue to dry and then cut off excess paper along the frame.

Father's Day Handprint Craft

You can also cut out the handprint and glue it onto a card to make a handprint Father’s Day card.

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