Easter Basket Craft

Print out this fun Easter basket craft and make the most beautiful display for your table.

No eggs, no worries, as this little project replaces them perfectly (and you can even sneak in some candy).

Easter Basket Paper Craft

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If you need a perfect Easter Craft Idea this little project is just the thing to make with your kids.

If your kids love coloring, use the black and white version, which easily doubles up as an Easter Coloring Page and if your little ones just want to cut, glue and craft, print the pre-colored version.

How to Make the Easter Basket Craft

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by printing out the templates.

It’s best to use cardstock (heavier print paper). However, the regular print paper will do just fine.

If your kids are working with the black and white version, let them color in the template first, as this is way easier than cutting all the parts first and later coloring them in.

Once colored, or using the pre-colored template, cut out the template parts.

Next comes the folding of the basket.

More folding.

A few more folds.

It’s time to start weaving. Take one of the strips and apply glue on one end.

Stick it on one end of the basket (at the bottom) and start weaving.

Weave it to the other side…

…and glue the strip on the end.

Repeat with all other paper strips until your easter basket craft is all woven.

Now let’s make the stands for the paper eggs.

Fold the papers.

Apply glue on one end.

Add some glue to the “glue” part too. And stick the egg on the “glue” area .

You can go ahead and place the eggs in the basket, apply glue on the other end of the paper with the egg and stick it on the “wall” of the basket.

Glue two eggs on the back and one egg on the front.

It should look like this.

Lastly, add the handle…

And the bow.

All done, your easter basket craft is done.

Easter Basket Craft

Get Your Easter Basket Paper Craft Template Here

Easter Basket Paper Craft

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