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When our children are at their youngest stages of life, it’s so super important to instil alphabet letter learning into their route memorisation learning stage. Admittedly, just looking at letters on wooden blocks or on paper can be a little dull. There’s nothing too exciting that, besides being able to use crayons to color around on the paper or to build a tower out of the blocks. That’s all fine and dandy, but I like to make learning fun no matter what the age range is. In with the little ones in mind, they like to be visually entertained while learning at the same time — even though they don’t know that they are actually learning. Those are the best moments that I hold dear to my heart. I found these amazing products that I know you’re going to love just as much as your little one is going to!

Alphabet Toys That Make Learning the ABC's Fun

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Alphabet Toys and Gift Ideas That Make Learning The ABC’s Fun


If your kids are little Picasso’s in the making why not entertain them with this alphabet coloring book?



Snack Pops

Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

This is one of the top adorable learning toys that I love. It helps increase your child’s hand and eye coordination mixed with color recognition.

Alphabet abacus

Alphabet Abacus Wooden Counting Toy

This Alphabet abacus is just what your little one needs. It has big bold letters and one side, and easily recognisable object on the other side. It will help keep those little idle hands busy!

Foam Letters

Alphabet Foam Letters

These Foam Alphabet letters are just great and simple in design. The letters actually pop out of the coinciding object, and it’s perfect for some bath time fun and learning.

ABC Cookies

Goodie Games ABC Cookies

Who doesn’t love a cookie jar? With this game, your child will be enticed to pull out all of the different game pieces and start learning. It mixes a little imaginative play in to support language development. This Goodie Games ABC Cookies gets my vote! Does your little one show a liking to board games? Check this list of board games for preschoolers .

Letters and Numbers Learning Train

Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

All aboard the ultimate alphabet learning train! I love everything about this. First and foremost, it’s meant to grow with your little one…at least until they’re way too big to sit on it again. This just has all of the bells and whistles. It comes with 10 activities including a storybook, clock, gears; 13 double-sided alphabet blocks build fine motor skills and introduce letters, numbers, colors and more. There will be no dull moments. 

Love to run or crawl around? Everyone will lover these toys to encourage gross motor development.

Alphabet Play Food

A to Z Alphabet Groceries Toy

This Groceries Alphabet dramatic play toys is just such a smart way to introduce and instil the alphabet via food that they eat, or will eat in the near future. I love the vibrant colors and the tactile learning process.

Alphabet Crabs Learning Toy

Smart Splash Letter Link Crabs

These Alphabet Crabs are simply too much fun! They incorporate fun colors, tactile learning, and hand eye coordination….all while learning and reinforcing all of the letters of the alphabet.

Learning Snake

Alphabet Letters Puzzle Learning Toys Snake

Most wooden puzzles are just so boring, but not this one! This Alphabet Snake it so fun, and the letters interlock with each other. At the end, your child gets a recognisable animal that is in his or her vocabulary.

Fun Alphabet Learning Toy Alpha-Bots


These alphabet letters are completely more than meets the eyes! They are alphabet letters than turn into robots! I know these are meant for children to learn with, but I secretly want them for myself. Is that bad of me? I hope not…I totally orderedthem for myself. Shhhh!

Light Table Letters

Light Table Letters

These see through letters are perfect for your little one if they love their light table. Need more light table play gift ideas? Check out these table activities for preschoolers.



Vtech ABC

Vtech Alphabet Apple

I’m in love with this Vtech Alphabet Apple. It promotes auditory, visual, and tactile learning. It has 8 different learning activities for different learning levels, plus it comes with 29 songs and melodies to help them along their journey.

Loved all these? Need more ideas! I really enjoyed this STEM gifts for girls, lots of clever ideas there (for both genders naturally).

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