15 Cold Weather Meals That Will Warm You Up

These mouth watering cold weather meals will warm you up for sure and most of them are super easy to do!

15 Cold Weather Meals

It’s freezing outside and it should be spring already! Freezing! My blanky can only do so much to keep me warm and as we don’t have the luxury of a warm fireplace which to be honest is one of the things I miss from the times I lived back home with my parents) there are other things we can or well must do to get the warm feeling in the body (exercise is not an option haha).

1. This is one of my favorite recipes as it’s really delicious and you can cook larger quantities and pack them in small meal packs to put in the freezer! You must try the stuffed bell pepper soup – Easy Peasy and Fun.

2. Easy Chicken Chilly – Pint Sized Treasures

3. What better way to warm yourself up than a bowl of chilly con carne – T as Tasty

4. Meatballs are always great! Add some cheese and they are even better! Easy Peasy and Fun

5. Or what about a meatless-balls? This meatless balls recipe is great for vegetarians and non vegetarians as it’s just that tasty! Kids Activities Blog

6. Southern soup anyone! This recipe is fabolus! Arts and Crackers

7.  If you are tortilla fan like I am you’re going to enjoy this chicken tortilla soup! Arts and Crackers

8. And while we’re at chicken why not have a bowl of this tasty chicken stew! Mum in The Mad House

9. How about some chilly with butternut squash? Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Kitchen Counter Chronicle

10. Ever heard of borscht? It’s a traditional Russian stew and believe me it’s tasty! Kid World Citizen

11.  Love lasagna? Don’t love the work? You are going to love this lasagna soup. Platings and Pairings

12. Chicken salsa? Yes please! Happy Hooligans

13. I’m a fan of Italian cuisine so this Italian sausage soup is another must try! Meaningful Mama

14. One pot and super quick – that’s why I love this quick chicken recipe! Playtivities

15.  Last we have a potato leek soup as leek is just so darn tasty! Family Food and Travel

15 Warm Meals for Cold Days

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