Make Your Own Valentines Day Wrapping Paper

Your kids have made some wonderful DIY Valentines gifts and now it’s time to wrap them. Why not let them make their very own Valentines Day wrapping paper and take the gift to a whole new level.

Simple Valentines Day DIY Wrapping Paper

This DIY wrapping paper will be great both for wrapping gifts (you can use it for all holidays really) or to make an envelope for a card for that special someone.

Valentines Day Wrapping Paper – Valentines Craft Idea for Kids

What you need

  • Craft foam sheets
  • Pink and red craft paint
  • Plain white wrapping paper
  • Paper plate
  • Paint brush (optional)
  • Pink ultra fine glitter (optional – if you don’t have a glitter fobia)


Unroll your wrapping paper and squirt a tablespoon of your pink and red paint onto your paper plate and use a paintbrush or your fingertip to spread out evenly.

Cut out a few hearts from your foam sheets and press one side of your foam heart onto your red or pink paint (making sure the whole stamp is coated in paint (or paint the stamp with your paint brush).Step 1
Step 2Carefully stamp your hearts onto your paper, pressing down on each part of the heart evenly.

Step 3
Carefully pull back on the bottom of the heart to remove your foam heart stamper.
Repeat steps 2-4, stamping your hearts at an angle pattern.

You can add some glitter to make your wrapping paper shiny.

Step 4
Let dry or use a blow dryer to dry quickly. Cut your paper and wrap your gifts.

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Valentines Day Wrapping Paper - Valentines Craft Idea for Kids

Valentines Day Wrapping Paper Craft

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